1 Blogging Question That Will Promote Your Success

1 blogging question will make you successful.

Ask yourself this query before hitting the sack every night.

I filmed a video in NYC explaining the question and why you should ask it:

I ran into 2 big blocks with my blog before I saw success.

I did a few things daily backed with some positive, fun energy but then threw in the towel. That did not work.

I worked for 12 hours daily backing myself with negative, fearful energy. That did not work either.

I finally discovered the error of my ways. I neglected asking myself the pressing question at the end of each day:

“Where did my attention and energy go today, blogging-wise?”

because if I did ask the question I’d understand the truth of life: where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Little Work

Some bloggers spend 30 minutes daily doing fun stuff on their blog, or, on other blogs. All well and good. Fun energy is awesome, so you are backing your work with a prospering, profitable energy. But if you spend 30 minutes daily doing fun blogging stuff, where is your attention and energy going for the remainder of the day? 8 hours to sleep. But what about the remaining 15 hours and 30 minutes?

Some to fitness, some to fun offline stuff but you need to give most of your fun, loving attention and energy to blogging daily to grow your blog into a successful venture. Because if you neglect blogging, blogging will neglect you, and you will not give blogging the love it needs to grow into a sustainable business for you.

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Strained Work

Some bloggers work 12 hours daily doing blogging stuff. But this lot backs the 12 hours of blogging activity with a fearful, strained, desperate energy. Since where your attention and energy goes, grows, you will get terrible results with your blog. Even though you committed to building a successful blog the energy aspect of the equation is way off, with fear dominating your being.

If fear dominates your being you will see blogging results that will scare you. Little or no traffic. Poor profits. Or no profits. Successful, established pro bloggers will seem to treat you like you are irradiated. Failure knocks on your door every single day.

This strained, desperate, fearful approach to blogging shows you that even if you can claim doing 200 things today for your blog over a 12 hour stretch of time, if the energy is off, you will fail. Because where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your energy to fear and you will see blogging results that scare you.

The Solution

Devote a majority of your attention and energy daily to building your blog. Make sure your energy is rocking, aka, loving, aka, largely void of fear.

At the end of the day, asking yourself this question and waiting for an honest answer shows you where your attention and energy goes. Digging deeper, you can honestly assess the energy you are vibing at as you work your blogging day.

Are you putting in 6 to 8 or 10 hours daily doing blogging stuff from a high energy, fun space? Good. You will succeed because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

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At the end of the blogging day you better tell your blogging story to add an authentic, fun, fascinating element to your blogging brand. Without stories your blog tends to become a dry, 3rd person, dime a dozen type operation that will fail over the long haul.

I created this video a while back to inspire you to tell your blogging story:

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