1 Danger of Running a Results Based Blog

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1 clear danger exists if you run a results based blog.

More bloggers are moving away from this model as the problem becomes readily apparent.

If you want to grow your blog into a successful, full time business venture, pay attention to this post.


I filmed a short video to help explain this concept.

Watch as my paperbacks look over my shoulder:

If you are unclear – meaning, fear is your prime driver – on running an income results or traffic results or any result based blog, predominantly, you will attract 3 types of readers who scream “danger” to your blog and brand.

Tire Kickers

Tired kickers.

Those folks who stop by your blog, read a little content, subscribe to your free email updates, including your free giveaway, then these folks vanish for good.

They just want to get free stuff. No impulse to give their money for a premium product or service and they certainly have no interest in giving of their time, energy and passion to learn blogging, to hone their blogging skills and to render useful service for others.

They are just here to get some freebies, to take a look around and then, being non-committal, to leave quickly.

Greedy Bloggers

Greedy bloggers are always pulled toward results based blogs. Why not? Everything is about getting and these folks are obsessed with getting, stacking chips and making more and more money, even as they are sitting on a healthy pile already.

Some greedy bloggers make their first few bucks online and instead of being grounded in gratitude, celebrating their bounty, they obsess and hurry and rush toward the first $10,000, and of course, that will never be enough.

Can you see why these folks would be poor brand advocates and why they wouldn’t be too helpful for your blog, brand and not great blogging buddies as well? They have little interest in giving, serving and helping others because all of their attention and energy is focused on themselves and how much they can get through blogging, not how much they can give through blogging.

Desperate Bloggers

Desperate bloggers focus heavily on getting.

These folks have bills to pay. Or maybe lack a roof over their heads. Some desperate bloggers have little food, not knowing where their next meal is coming from.

These are the worst readers on earth because until they address their own horror of running out of everything you will be the object of their pulsating, palpable, damaging desperation.

If You Are Clear You Are OK

Pat Flynn? The man is clear on running a results based blog.

So is John Chow.

If you are a new blogger who feels running a blog based heavily on income or traffic claims would be fun, playful and enjoyable, without any heavy attachment to those outcomes, knock yourself out. Go for it.

But if you are not clear on this blogging strategy do not take this path because it will lead to years of struggle. Even if you make a decent chunk of change through this model you will be miserable, being surrounded by tire-kickers, paper-chasers, greedy people, and maybe a few folks who genuinely have fun taking this blogging tact.

The Solution

Blog your passion, not for profits, mainly.

Predominantly, follow your fun, not finances.

If you devote most of your attention and energy to having fun and to giving, the getting becomes easier and easier over time.

Your Turn

Do you run a results based blog?


Why not?

Do you have fun running such a blog?

Or are you attracting struggling bloggers to your venture?

May be time to get clear or to ditch the blog.

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