1 Easy Way To Improve Your Transparency And Make More Money

1 Easy Way To Improve Your Transparency And Make More Money

I just sold another eBook.

One of my recent eBook customers notified me of this. So I tweeted to my followers how I just sold another eBook.

I used to hide away. I would never share my blogging wins. I would never share any financial success. I mistakenly tried to “act like I’d been there”, meaning that I’d act like selling an eBook is no big deal since I have sold over 1000 audio books alone, through an almost completely passive stream.

Why in the heck did I avoid celebrating my blogging wins? Why did I avoid sharing eBook sales, course sales, client sign ups and all manner of financial blogging wins?

I feared being labelled a:

  • boaster
  • braggart
  • rookie
  • newbie
  • loser

among other things.

Until I realized that sharing my financial wins was the easiest way to maintain my transparency and a pretty darn easy way to increase my cash flow too. Because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Why This Is Easy

How much effort does it take to tweet this?


Takes like 3 seconds. Literally.

But those 3 seconds are great leveraging seconds. Because 3 people Liked that update. 3 followers. 3 fans. 3 people who helped fan the flame under the buzz. 3 people who may buy more of my eBooks. 3 members of my tribe.

Even if no one shouted out the tweet in any way I know that giving my attention and energy to blogging financial wins – no matter if the win is a penny profit of $1,000 profit – I know that more profits are well on the way. Because where I choose to put my attention and energy grows. Or where my attention and energy goes, grows.

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Why Celebrate Seemingly Small Victories?

Why would I celebrate a $3.99 eBook sale when I have sold 1000 audio books?

Because the Universe doesn’t care about the size or scale of money victories. Energy grows where our attention goes. Meaning that if I celebrate a $3.99 eBook sale I will generate more sales quickly. I will also earn cash through other blogging channels because I expressed gratitude for money I made through blogging, independent of the dollar amount.

I probably will see an increase in my pension and other offline investment streams because my continual, persistent celebration and sharing of my victories has taken the shame, shyness and tension around earning money out of my blogging equation, and when you don’t feel awkward or resistant around sharing financial blogging wins you are far more likely to allow in money through all types of online and offline channels.

What About The “Act Like You’ve Been There” Crowd?

The only people who would criticize your financial celebrations are unhappy, unclear people. Some are jealous because they have yet to earn a dime blogging. Some may have experienced great financial success and feel you should only celebrate when you reach imagined big-time financial goals but these people are miserable, unclear, unhappy and are simply envious of your happiness, your devout gratitude and of your loving, caring vibe.

Anybody who sees you as a braggart or boaster wishes they had your clarity and courage and comfort with expressing your victories and appreciating your wins. Anybody who believes you should keep quiet until you earn thousands or tens of thousands of dollars feels jealous of your happiness, appreciation, child-like enthusiasm and energy.

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You can put this tip into practice when you learn how to effectively manage your blogging energy.

Watch this video of me from Cyprus explaining how lost luggage and delayed flights teaches you an invaluable blogging lesson in patience and managing your energy:

Your Turn

Are you celebrating all of your blogging profit wins on social media? Why? Why not? Have you found yourself holding back from celebrating your blogging wins? Why do you feel ashamed to get excited about and celebrating blogging wins?

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