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Believe it or not, Rye used to be a shy guy.

I was highly self conscious. Even years into my blogging career.

I worred about other people’s opinions of me. I fretted about their opinions of my blog.

I was shy.

Really shy.

My shyness made my blogging journey terribly difficult.

Namely, because if you want to become a successful blogger you need to master the art of connecting with human beings.

Shy folks do a poor job of connecting with human beings.

This Morning

Fast forward to this morning.

I filmed this Facebook Live Broadcast from the train station wearing a bright orange port security guard jacket.

Two people sat beside me.

Folks stared at me, wondering what I was up to.

I calmly, confidently and clearly recorded the live video from a relaxed, fun, present space.

I am not entirely over myself.

But I am not the shy guy I was years ago.

This fun, freeing and yes, highly uncomfortable tip as a video and blogging newbie will help you tackle your blogging shyness head on.

Record Videos or Create Live Broadcasts in Public Places

I regularly create videos in public places to see where I am at in terms of my shyness.

Most bloggers BS you, telling you how much they believe in their blog.

But the split second you tell them to do a live video, the majority of bloggers fall prey to shyness, showing a lack of belief and clarity because other human beings will be present while they would shoot the video.

I had no idea how unclear I was on my blog and how shy I was until I began creating videos in public spots. Self-conscious, fearful energies arose as folks stared at me, wondering what I was doing recording a video in a public place.

All manner of fears sprinted through my dome; people would criticize me, or maybe they would be annoyed at me doing a live video, believing I was some tool. Or perhaps they would tell me to shut up. An endless torrent of fear-fed, shyness-created, self-conscious fears indicated I had to clearing to do to become a confident, clear, relaxed, chill blogger who could talk about their blog, or their life, in any setting, without worrying about what other people would think.

But I filmed a video. Then I filmed another. Eventually, I became almost as comfortable recording videos in public than I am doing my live broadcasts from the comfort of home.

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The Chief Benefit

Most of you – like the old school me – feel unclear on your blog. This means certain aspects of the blog may be off, or lacking, because you feel some fear related to your blog.

Perhaps you feel your design is not good enough. Or you fear that you are not a good enough writer.

Recording a video in a public setting usually unearths these strong, self-conscious, damaging fears quickly. Creating content for an audience of one – you – is easy. Even if you are hyper critical of yourself, you don’t have that wildcard of an audience – of strangers – staring at you, wondering what your deal is.

I recall doing my first public video in 2012 on the island of Phuket. Totally different blog and brand. I was a different cat too; scared and unclear. I felt anger bubble up when a huge group of tourists gawked at me, snapping photos. The group unearthed my shyness. But since I felt self-conscious I felt angry that they brought extra attention to me, and my shyness.

All my stuff and had nothing to do with them.

These days I am a different animal. A social animal.

Not too much shyness in my body.

Which has been a blessing for my blog and brand.

All because I habitually recorded videos in a public setting, to purge these self-conscious fears.

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