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1 idea sits at the root of your blogging struggles.


Fear is the basis of your traffic struggles. Fear sits at the core of your struggles to make money blogging. Fear is the idea. Fear is the energy. Fear is likely the driver behind most if not all you do blogging-wise.

Naturally, you will get fear-filled results if you resist the fear in the struggles.

I filmed an HD video to explain this concept.

Video Example From My Experience

I found the nifty YouTube live stream feature on my smart phone a few weeks ago. Neat!

I felt an instant wave of excitement. How fun would it be to create live videos on YouTube for folks who wanted help with their blogs? Brilliant.

I recorded a few live videos. I had loads of fun. But I feared that getting 1 or 2 views per video may be a waste of my time.

I considered not doing videos on YouTube. Live ones at least. All because I allowed fear to influence my decision. Versus allowing fun to influence my decision.

In this case, I had no struggles because I largely do not identify with blogging struggles. 1 video view does not reflect anything about me as a human being, my blogging knowledge, what I do and who I am being. But the silly decision of backburnering the YT Live videos I almost made would have slowed down my meteoric blogging growth, just a little bit.

I continued to record YouTube Live videos because I had fun doing these videos, not fearing any outcome of doing the videos.

Something neat happened a few days ago.

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I found a new blogging network via a “blogging” Google Alert I receive. Cool spot. Turns out, I can share posts, videos or virtually anything on the network. Sweet.

I decided to share a few playbacks of my YouTube Live videos on this network. A few days later a handful of community members watched and voted up my videos on the network.

If you go in the direction of your fun, and *avoid* cowering to your fears, you will grow, increase blog traffic, expand your blog community, boost your profits, serve more folks and you will dissolve your blogging struggles, either slowly or quickly.

Imagine if I based what I did on the idea of fearing not getting enough or seeing enough with blogging outcomes? I would have quit from day #1 as a blogger. Because I started at zero. Like all bloggers start at zero.

If I feared not having enough readers or social shares or comments or views on my YouTube videos I would have quit each strategy. Quitting each strategy would have created endless blogging struggles, and nightmares, and misery.

How To Leave Struggles Behind

If you are ready to leave misery behind, dive into the fears at the root of your blogging struggles. There is no complicated strategy for doing this. It is, just doing it.

I saw 1 or 2 views of my videos. I feared not enough. I felt the fear. I did it anyway. Meaning I felt the fear of some lack and limits yet I did not trust my fear. I did not listen to it.

I have fun doing videos. So I keep doing videos. Whether 0 or 40,000,000 folks watch my videos I will keep doing videos because I know eventually the views will gradually increase, if I keep following my passion, and if I keep diving into my fears, too.

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Bonus Video

Are you sick of seeing me speak yet? If not, and if you want an inspirational jolt, watch me explain how you should keep fear ahead of you, not behind you, in this video.

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