1 Incredibly Sweet Blogging Benefit and the Price You Must Pay to Receive it

I got pulled into a YouTube binge watching tornado last night.

I felt like I could not get out.

The gravitational pull reeled me in, keeping me in front of the Chromebook, demanding me to watch the endless travel or vlogger videos.

I was caught in the loop.

Most of the videos seemed centered on Bali.

Either way, I could literally feel the freedom seeping through my screen as I wanted to be in Bali, in that moment, experiencing the same freedom.

Hell; I’ve been to Bali 4 times. I have spent over a year collectively on the Island of the Gods. I even visited the same spots visited by the bloggers.

But the freedom pulled me back in.

Said freedom is the sweetest benefit to being a full time, pro blogger.

But you have a price to pay to enjoy that sugary sweet freedom.


Watch the video if you prefer to see my talking head explain this idea:


Your version of freedom may be different than my version of freedom.

Maybe you want to chill in your home town versus chilling in Costa Rica. Hey, I get it.

Perhaps you want to relax in your home city versus running around in Fiji. Cool beans.

We both want freedom though. Freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. Freedom to have no limit on your income. Freedom to express yourself creatively.

Blogging offers you these freedoms. Blogging also demands you pay the price to enjoy these freedoms.

Persistent Practice

Persistently practicing your blogging is the way to get clearer on your blogging prowess.

Getting clearer allows you to lay the foundation for the life of freedom to be experienced through blogging.

I practiced years to develop my blogging skills.

Those skills opened doors for me.

I paid the price.

I persistently practiced.

Now I experience the freedom of a life of travel, through my persistent, patient practice.

5 minutes ago I checked my email. Air Canada reached out to me to retweet someone for the company.

Air Canada is a world renowned brand. You know Air Canada. Even if you do not travel.

Why would a world renowned brand reach out to me for help on Twitter? I patiently practiced creating and connecting for many years. I helped people. I shared valuable content. I built bonds with influential bloggers.

As greater freedom flowed my way through blogging so did greater influence in both the blogging tips and travel blogging niche.

World famous brands reached out to me, to feature me, and for help. Said features and help I rendered helped me to build bonds that allowed me to serve more people. I received a bigger platform to help folks. I also drove more traffic and profits through my blog.

A devotion to honing my blogging skills daily through patient, persistent practice put everything into motion.

I thirsted for freedom more than I feared failing so I practiced creating and connecting even when money did not seem to be flowing in at all.

I helped people without looking for anything in return.

I wrote thousands of words daily to get clearer on my writing voice.

I served bloggers by promoting them, by endorsing them and by commenting on their blogs.

Freedom flowed to me.

Sweet freedom.

Sugary sweet opportunities flowed to me too.

I patiently practiced.

I persistently practice.

I paid the blogging price to live a life of freedom.

Your Turn

How are you patiently practicing with your blogging campaign?

What steps have you taken to live a life of freedom through professional blogging?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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