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During my blogging journey I made one big mindset shift to land features on famous blogs like Virgin, Forbes and Entrepreneur.

I also found myself featured at NYU and on Fox News for my blogging and digital nomad knowledge using this simple concept.

The shift; I moved my attention from conditional giving – or giving solely to get – toward giving generously, without attaching strings to the deal.

This is the tuition virtually all top bloggers pay to move up in circles. Generously helping folks for months or years without thinking of the pay day.

Why This Works

Watch this Periscope video I filmed today in Thailand:

The essence of moving up in blogging circles is being generous. Create and connect. Create and connect. Create and connect.

But to impact, impress and befriend top bloggers you’d help them without asking for anything in return. Not only do you lack leveraging power – these bloggers have huge, loyal followings – but giving conditionally also signals you are interested in what the blogger can do for you, versus having a genuine interest in befriending these pros. We can smell people who see us as tools from a mile away, guys.

Conditional giving is a sore point for most bloggers who’d rather give just to get in order to remain in Survival Mode, where most human beings are, thinking solely about themselves and their survival needs of food and shelter.

Working up in blogging circles to land features on top blogs is a different ball game. You give freely, creating a high volume of helpful blog posts without worrying about the yield of each blog post. Conditional, attached giving goes out the window. Generosity takes its place.

Impressing top bloggers requires you to:

  • comment genuinely on top blogs
  • promote top bloggers on social media
  • promote top bloggers on your blog

without asking for anything in return. This also requires a mindset shift of “what’s in it for me?” toward “how can I genuinely serve top bloggers?”

This shift feels uncomfortable at first. Especially if you are still mired in the employee mindset of putting in X number of work hours to get a paycheck.

Business-wise, and blogging-wise, the world does not work that way.

The blogging big dawgs pay their dues by generously giving of their time and talents, building their skill set, helping top bloggers without asking for anything in return and patiently creating and connecting before popping up on the radar screens of top bloggers.

This journey requires you to be patient, persistent and generous. Being patient, persistent and generous forces you to feel and clear fears about running out of money, loss, and it also forces you to shift from ego to being heart centered.

The fun, freedom and detachment of making the shift is worth a few moments of discomfort. When you care less about yourself and what’s in it for you and focus more on helping people without expectation, you sprint up the energetic ladder into new, sweeter blogging circles, and over time, features on famous blogs flow your way.

Top bloggers invite you to guest post on their blogs, sans any pitching on your part.

Doesn’t that sound sweet?

Believe in You

Shifting from self-centered blogger to detached servant requires you to believe in you more than anything else. Remove your blind trust in outcomes of your blogging efforts. Forget about list-building or any practical strategy mindless bloggers worship. Certainly, kick the thoughts of negative nellies out of your mind. Don’t believe in their fear. Believe in you and your ability to live your dreams.

My friend Alonzo Pichardo and I released episode #3 of our online success chats last week.

We talk about how to believe in yourself and your business.

This episode already has 38,7000 plays.

Click the play button:


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