1 Simple Tip to Attract Blogging Buddies to You

I received an email from travel blogging buddies of mine this morning.

My friends Agness and Cez of etramping.com reached out to me for a chat.

I noted instantly how they said they were chilling in SE Asia. Sweet. This is one of my favorite regions on earth, as I have spent about 4 of the past 6 years of my life in Southeast Asia.

But after noting their location they did something which added some serious personable-ity to their blog post: I saw a smiling, happy, high-energy car selfie included in the email. Brilliant.

I instantly lit up. I emailed my buddies back. I also had to share this story via a blog post because Agness and Cez did a fabulous job following 1 simple tip to attract blogging buddies to you.

These friends were personable.

It doesn’t get much more personal than sharing information not related to blogging or business, than sharing a smiling selfie. Real human beings take care rides, right? So real human beings should be sharing how they are riding by car through SE Asia and for added measure, said humans should be sharing selfies too. Not just through social media, but also through private, 1-to-1 emails send to blogging buddies.

Being personable is one of the easiest ways to become a connected blogger too. All it takes is a selfie, a share from your life away from your blog and being authentic. Not much more than that.

The more personable you are the easier it is to make friends with other personal, authentic bloggers. Factor in all the friend referral traffic you will receive as your buddies promote you to their readerships and you see why authentic people are connected bloggers.

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Watch this short video.

I explain this concept to better help you become personable and to build your blogger friend network.

Why Do Bloggers Struggle in the Personable Department?


Most bloggers are terrified to lose money, to waste time, to lose traffic and to lose virtually anything and everything online. Said bloggers operate mainly from an energy of fear. If fear calls the shots you better believe all the stuff you do online will be driven by fear, and this fear energy will goad you to make it all about business, and to never share any human, personable, authentic details with your friends and followers.

Not sharing your human side through:

  • live broadcasts
  • smiling selfies
  • stories about your life away from blogging or your online business

is a huge mistake. Readers have a tough time connecting with someone who never shares their human side. These individuals must have something to hide; big red flag.

Bloggers have a tough time connecting with and befriending robots. Nobody connects with someone who conveys a one-dimensional, rigid, boring, bland and mindless image of some blogging machine, without a life outside of blogging, because we are all human.

The Flip Side

On the flip side, bloggers connect with and easily befriend human, authentic, personal bloggers who share their human side.

I connected on a deeper level with Zac Johnson when I saw he is a dog lover, as I am.

Ditto for any blogger online who freely shares of their human-ness, delving into their passions away from blogging.

If you can let your hair down virtually all of the time, sharing your blogging tips in an authentic, human, down-home, genuine fashion, you will have stunning online success because readers will connect with you effortlessly.

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Connected bloggers with huge, loyal friend networks are simply the most genuine, real, sharing, personable folks on earth. These bloggers are comfortable in their own skin and befriend like-minded folks who see and appreciate their authenticity, and who connect with them, seamlessly and easily.

Your Turn

How are you being personable with your blogging campaign?

Are you a connected blogger?

How can you be more personable and engaging?

Are you sharing live broadcasts regularly? How are you adding elements of your offline life to your blog and social media campaigns?

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