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Chapter 3 of my eBook:

10 Blogging Lessons I Learned in Bali (to Accelerate Your Online Success)

is: Go Hard Because Your Time Will Be Up One Day

I have since changed my energy and overall mindset; definite word change these days. I would advise you go generously and persistently versus going hard. But the overall message remains the same. Be a generous, persistent blogger who spends most of your day helping people through blog posts, guest posts and by promoting other bloggers. Toss in genuine blog commenting too, for good measure.

Eventually, your blogging career ends. Better make the most of today, of now.

So… much have you given to blogging today? 5 minutes of lukewarm effort? 1 hour of generosity? Or 10 hours of generous service?

Blogging reflects back to you what you give to blogging.

Did you spend 12 hours today trying to GET money and traffic by manipulating people and numbers on a screen? You will GET nothing because you GAVE nothing. Blogging mirrors your dominant vibe; generous abundance, or stingy fear. As you may guess, most bloggers vibe stingy fear, give blogging little or nothing, and act mystified at making no money and gaining little or no traffic through blogging.

I am heading out to basketball games and a family meet up on this Sunday. Guaranteed, I will get at least 6-8 hours of blogging in because I always give to blogging every day. No excuses. I love blogging. I have fun. The more I give to blogging today in terms of my time and energy, the more fun I have and the more I seem to get. Added bonus, the getting is.

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But I had to be straight with myself a while back; the old me did not give much to blogging daily. Getting seemed sporadic. Being straight with myself woke me up, sobered me and put me on a more generous, abundant, fun and yes, easy path, even though things got uncomfortable sometimes, giving generous, calm service to blogging for 8 or 10 or 12 hours daily.

Be Honest

Be completely honest with yourself. How much did you give to blogging today? Did you go all out from a generous, committed perspective? Or did you hold back? Be completely straight with yourself. Nobody can change your blogging path save you, through your honest thinking.

You gotta admit when blogging has been an after thought, a passing idea, a fleeting gig. Or if you blogged just a wee bit for a few months or even, for a year, then you gave it up because you lost motivation, zero profits and scant traffic frustrating you.

Guys; you gotta love this blogging gig genuinely to see the journey through. No way around it. If you love blogging, blogging will love you back. If not, blogging just gives you whatever you give blogging from an honest, genuine, straight perspective.

Once you do become super generous with blogging; look out! Things begin to change. Pronto. Profits slowly but steadily increase. Traffic begins to pick up too. Blogging is a perfect mirror. But you need to honestly admit what you gave to blogging today? What about tomorrow? What did you give to blogging for the past month or year? Be real. In time, you will succeed, but only if you give a full commitment to blogging.

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Be ALL IN guys.

I am here with you.

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