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It isn’t always pleasant but is necessary if you want to transition from your full time job to being a professional, full time blogger.

10 years ago I began my day with a bagel, Sports Center on ESPN and maybe some CNN before I went to my job. No personal development. No thought about how to plan my day. I definitely had no thoughts about blogging because I had no idea what a blog was nearly a decade ago.

I knew how to complete a task for 40 hours – or longer – each week and get paid every Thursday.

That was my 9-5 job reality.

Fast forward 10 years. I am an island hopping pro blogger.

I have lived in places like Fiji, Bali, Costa Rica and Thailand for months or even years.


I had to release my old life of working 9-5 jobs to move into my current life of being a full time, pro blogger.

See that image above? That’s me in Bali. I could not think, act and be like a security guard (my former job), following those security guard job having habits, to become an island hopping pro blogger who has lived in Bali for over a year, collectively.

Releasing Old Habits

Releasing old habits was not comfortable but very necessary if I wanted to stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like an entrepreneur.

No bagel, sports updates and news on waking. I had to begin meditating, doing yoga, planning out my blogging day and more than anything, I had to stop watching the news with all of its negative, fear-based influences.

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Empowered entrepreneurs do not begin their day feasting on the mental trash that is the news.

Letting go the comfortable but mentally stagnating habits of eating a bagel while watching the news felt uncomfortable at first. Meditating brought up many of my fears. I also felt fidgety as my mind seemed to sprint like a race horse after 30 cups of espresso. But in time, my mind settled down.

I had to purge the old habits to make way for new habits.

This is the way to become a full time, pro blogger, if you are eager to transition from your 9-5 job toward a more fun, freeing way of living.

Releasing Old Friends

I have remained best buddies with all of my friends from high school, so I did not need to totally clean shop to go from employee to entrepreneur. But I did need to let go some folks who were poor influences.

This can be highly uncomfortable if you need to release good friends or close family members who try to make your jump more like a seemingly impossible quantum leap. But they need to go for you to succeed with blogging.

Remember; release. This idea of letting go the old energies in your old life to make room for exciting, fun and freeing new energies in your new life is not always comfortable or easy to embrace but it is the tuition you need to pay to go from employee to entrepreneur.

The New Life Emerges

When you cease seeing yourself as a current or former employee and begin to see yourself as a full time pro blogger – even before you make a cent with your blog – things will change quickly. The energetic shift will inspire you to meet new, empowered bloggers. Creative, prospering ideas will knock on your mind’s door. You will actually look forward to your morning mindset routine.

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Everything will come together beautifully but you need to let go the old and worn out to make room for the new, the inspired, the freeing, the fun, and the exciting.

Embrace a few moment’s of discomfort. Change your habits.

Patiently and persistently let go the old to make room for your new, exciting, burgeoning career as a full time pro blogger.


Watch this video as I discuss the concept of release and how it helps you leave behind your old life to make room for your new life.

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