1 Tip to Cut Your Beginner Blogger Learning Curve Dramatically

Follow your fun.

Watch as I discuss via rare whitewall background video that I recorded in Cyprus.

If you follow your fun, the work is the reward.

If you follow your fun, you will be a student of blogging.

If you follow your fun, you will practice your writing, and creating and connecting.

If you follow your fun you will not need traffic or profits or comments.

The Problem for Beginner Bloggers

Most blogging beginners NEED traffic.

They do almost everything from an energy of fear and desperation and lack.

Naturally, they add years to their online learning curve. You cannot learn blogging quickly if you are continually trying to get, to scheme, to manipulate, to survive, to squeeze as much juice out of every interaction, to succeed with blogging by being greedy or stingy or flat out terrified to do anything helpful or beneficial.

I was in the same terrified boat. For years. But I cut my blogging learning curve by deciding to blog mainly for the fun of blogging. I blogged with passion. I blogged to serve.

The work became play.

The work became the reward.

All the traffic and profits and all that good stuff felt like extra, or the icing on the cake, so I became patient, persistent, and more than anything I became a student of blogging and put in the practice to become a successful blogger.

My learning curve dropped dramatically when I decided to blog mainly to give, not to get.

Why Does This Work?

Following your fun through blogging conditions you to give without thinking much about getting, which is the prefect energetic space for being a successful, thriving blogger.

How it works: you set the foundation for building a successful blog – even as a newbie – by doing things right from day 1. Instead of being in a mad or desperate rush, due to your fear-based getting obsession, you give, learn, follow leaders in your blogging niche and put in the time to study, to practice what you learn and to enjoy blogging independent of outcomes like traffic and profit stats.

Make no mistake; most bloggers obsess over traffic and profits, which is why most bloggers add months or even years to their blogging learning curve. Even worse; a healthy majority of struggling bloggers are making the same silly mistakes that newbies make because they are blogging to chase some outcomes primarily. They desperately try to get when they should be heavily focused on giving their time, their energy and of their service.

Giving precedes getting. The lag time between giving and getting usually runs from months to years because most of us have to clear out those greedy or selfish or desperate fear-based drivers which muck up the manifestation process.

Practical Advice

Only blog about niches you have fun exploring.

Blog your passion. Don’t blog for profits, primarily.

You will cut your learning curve by years if you begin blogging mainly to have fun, to spread love, to help people and to learn your craft.

Focus heavily on being a student of blogging. Learn. Put your new knowledge into practice. Create and connect. By enjoying these processes you begin your blog from the right energy and also shave years off of your learning curve.

While many bloggers are struggling like hell to see any discernible online progress you will see slow but steady success over the course of weeks, months and years. Even better; you will actually enjoy the blogging ride, having fun learning and helping your readers, so as the traffic and profits flow to you over time you will have learned blogging effectively, making the experience that much more enjoyable.

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