1 Uncomfortable to Develop but Powerful Blogging Skill for Increased Success and Happiness

I found myself futzing around with a plug in this morning for 15 minutes.

My social sharing plug in crapped out.

But after 15 minutes I dropped the task like a blogging hot potato. I have seen the power of surrender and how it’s changed my blog and life.

Old me? I would spend hours trying to fix my blog. Or downloading and testing other social sharing plug ins. All wastes of time because I’d let fear calls shots, fearing letting go the plug in issue to make room for what I most enjoy doing.

Ryan loves writing. Even if he writes in 3rd person sometimes. So he spends days writing and surrenders most other activities.

The Powerful Blogging Skill


Letting go old, worn out and tired to make room for your passions, your love and your fun.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. If you give your attention and energy to your passion the passion grows daily. Meaning you gradually become more successful until exponential success takes over your blog and life.

Developing the habit of surrender feels highly uncomfortable. Doing so forces you to face your fears head on. This is not pleasant guys. It feels rough, and tough.

But if you sit and observe fears versus fighting or ignoring fears, surrendering becomes easier. Then it gets easier. Then you surrender habitually. Take it from a former control freak.

Update; I checked my plug in now some 2 hours after the incident and it’s working. Surrendering wins again.

Energy Game

If you outsource stuff or totally let go stuff blogging-wise – like a social sharing plug in on the fritz – you emit a kinda detached, relaxed, abundant energy. Said energy is prospering. Said energy also pulls you to activities you love doing.

Doing what you love doing makes you dynamic, charismatic in some cases and flat out a blogging success in your niche.

Most bloggers refuse to surrender though.

How many of you would have spent 30 minutes or 2 hours trying to figure out the plug in situation because you feared folks could not share your posts on social? Be honest! I spent 15 minutes being a bit dominated by this fear until I surrendered it and moved on to doing my Facebook Live Broadcast, which of course I love doing.

Let go what you fear letting go for what you most love doing.

Surrender what you fear letting go to make room to do what you feel most passionate about.

Let go the fear. Follow the fun.

Wasn’t my time better spent for me and you doing the video, writing this post and writing a travel page on Blogging From Paradise?

Imagine if I spent the past 2 hours trying to fix a plug in on my blog? Or trying to remedy the situation? That would have been a massive waste of time. Or I’d have added 2 hours to my success curve versus charging forward like a race horse on a Red Bull and espresso cocktail.

This is surrender.

This is trusting.

The top bloggers trust themselves and ones with a spiritual bent trust some higher power guides them through the journey.

Even if you are atheist, learn to trust the blogging process. See how letting go what you fear letting go makes room for fun, love, passion and all types of success to flow into your life.

This concept of surrender is an incredibly powerful skill to develop, even if it feels uncomfortable to hone the skill of letting go what you fear to let go, to make room for blogging success.

I think you’re up to it!

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