1 Way To Release Cheapie Blogging Tire Kickers

My sponsored post rate is $500 per post.

I begin there.

Sometimes, when I quote the rate, someone comes along and attempts to barter. Even though I explicitly explain how my rates are non negotiable. If anything, the rates may go up.

Anyway, the tire kicker blogger, cheapie types may volley back how they will offer me a volume aka bulk deal. If I offer them a discounted rate of $50 per post, they will send 10 orders my way.

I respond: “My sponsored post rate is $600 per post.” Or I ignore the email completely. Depends on if I feel particularly playful, in the moment.

I add $100 to send these cheapies to the hills. Because their FEAR of spending money cannot comprehend paying $600 for a post, when they wish to pay $50. Tire kickers, gone.

Even better?

Through either ignoring the individual completely or bumping up my rate to scare them off I seem to make more money by connecting with people who freely and easily spend money on my products and services.

As I release my eBook How to Develop Blogging Posture, I wanted to share a neat little tip for releasing blogging tire kickers, so you can proceed from a calm, confident relaxed space with your blog and brand.

How to Release Cheapie Blogging Tire Kickers: Ignore or Play

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Meaning, if I ignore a tire kicker, or cheapie blogger, trying to get bargain basement prices, the cheapie goes away. For good. Because if I don’t give them attention and energy, the individual will not return.

This is the #1 tip to release these folks from your email inboxes and from your social media feeds. Don’t engage them. Delete the email. They go away.

Sometimes I quote my prices for coaching and services via an initial email. Even if the non-personalized, generic email screams “Bargain Basement Blogger!”, I give them the benefit of working an opportunity, and myself the benefit of sharing helpful content and receiving money.

After the initial quote – through which I explicitly note rates are *non negotiable* – if the individual tends to negotiate or bargain, I ignore the email, generally. If the person emails me again, I mark the email as spam or junk. Because my lack of response, combined with my clarity and transparency, clearly means the individual ignored my non-negotiable rates, and my loud and clear “I am not interested” message. In the spam folder, you go.

Ignoring someone is the easiest way to release them.

The only challenge you may face is addressing any feelings of guilt or shame in not responding.

Trust me; as you become busier, you will ignore such emails out of necessity, as the shame or guilt feeling vanishes quickly and easily.

If however you want to be a little playful, send a cheapie packing, or perhaps, land an even higher payday if the person has the budget to pay up, I suggest tacking on $100 for each successive email quote as a surcharge for not reading and honoring the initial email.

This is an effective way for the individual to see that their lack of mindfulness and determination to do things from a cheap, repelling, desperate space is the quickest way to lose a connection with an established pro blogger who could help expand your presence quickly.

This also sends a loud and clear message to the individual: you need to pay up, to play up.

Do this only from an energy of fun and playfulness, with plenty of smiles, and winks…aka, 🙂 and ;)….don’t do it from the energy of fear and annoyance. Your energy helps manifest the outcome. Meaning, the individual will let go trying to bargain with you more peacefully and gracefully if you have fun with the emails.


If you want to become a more confident and successful blogger – and develop more blogging posture too – watch me explain a super simple tip through this HD video.

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