10 Black Friday Email Promo Ideas You Can Steal

10 Black Friday Email Promo Ideas You Can Steal

It was mentioned earlier, but it’s worth reiterating that consumers start shopping long before Black Friday rolls around. 

So if you wait until that date to start promos, your customers may have eaten through a lot of their shopping budget before they had a chance to get to you. You can avoid that issue by starting your sales campaigns earlier. 

Furniture brand, Article, called their sitewide campaign a Black Friday “pre-sale”. So call yours whatever you like, but the sooner these start, the better the results can be. 

Subject line: Let the Black Friday savings begin


How to do this: 

Thankfully, doing this is pretty easy. All it takes is some planning ahead to map out your campaigns. 

To really make the most of this campaign, it’s also good to keep in mind when you send your campaign out. You could go with the standard send times, which are as follows: 

  • 8 a.m.-9 a.m EST
  • 4 p.m- 5 p.m EST

We’ve found that to make this even more effective, it’s good to let your subscribers tell you the best time for when to send. Our email marketing automation platform is able to read the open rate data of all your subscribers to find the best time to send emails. 

No guesswork. Just set it up, send your emails, and you can learn the best time to send your emails as you go along.


A few other tips you can takeaway from this email promo: 

  • Don’t shy away from your brand colors. It may be Black Friday, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick to using black as you main color 
  • If you’re doing an early sale, use your subject line to make that clear 
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