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Think you can bypass events as a way to market your SMB? Consider the fact that event management software was worth $28 billion  in 2018 before you do.

Then read these 10 event ideas for retail stores.

Event Ideas for Retail Stores

A Product Launch Party

You’re always looking for new customers. But that doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore long time clients either. Inviting loyal customers to retail events when you launch something new makes them feel like they belong to an exclusive group.

Choose a theme that works with the product. For example, a new cloud product could work with a digital marketing theme.

Take Green Screen Pics

Stan Tan from Selby’s has an interesting idea that involves a popular pastime lots of people enjoy.

“A photography session with a green screen to create fun backgrounds is a good way to attract shoppers to your store,” he writes.

If you’ve got a brand mascot you can pose with people, this is a great way to do some fun marketing.

In Store Mascot Meet and Greets

Hassan Alnassir is the founder and owner of the toy company Premium Joy. His idea for an effective event adds on the brand mascot theme.

“One effective type of event for retail stores targeting children is to bring an animal mascot for a meet and greet time at their shop.”

He says while the mascot should be fun, there’s a serious side to make these retail events effective.

“Small Businesses should first develop their own mascot character that represents their company through a reputable branding agency.  Then create the costume using a company specializing in mascot

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Take Advantage of the Venue

Successful retail small businesses know all about being innovative. That goes for their product line and their event ideas both. Making the most of the venue you’re using can be as simple as having a dance contest if there’s a dance floor there.

Hire an Expert

“Think along the lines of inviting a specialist or known expert to give out free advice, chat with people and answer their questions,” writes David Mercer from SME Pals. “Solving problems always draws a crowd.”

This is a good way to put a new spin on event ideas for retail stores.

Tap into A Holiday Celebration

People are shopping during the holidays anyway. By holding an event in your location that centers around Christmas, Thanksgiving or any of the others, you’ll be drawing customers in.

Hiring in store brand ambassadors for any holiday season can make a difference when you’re marketing your retail store.

Hold a Workshop

Samuel Tang, Designer, Gemologist and Owner of Joy Creations has some practical advice.

“More than often, consumers lack knowledge about the product or don’t know what questions to ask about it,” he writes. “By putting on a workshop and explaining the process, the history and some
fun facts, consumers will want it even more.”

Plan A Charity Event

Affiliate your brand with a local charity. This is the, ten cents from every widget sold goes to the United Way sort of thing. You will be giving back to the community and making your brand more personable to your target market at the same time.

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Provide a Branded  Trinket

Shelley Grieshop, Creative Writer from Totally Promotional, has a good idea for after the event.

“Getting new customers into your store and making a good impression is key,” she writes. “But don’t stop there! Give potential clients a reason to remember you and patronize your business in the future.”

She suggests a useful giveaway that’s professionally printed with your name and logo. Tote bags are a great way to make an impression.

Give away an Experience

Giving away tickets to things like dinner and a show draws folks into your retail business. If you’ve got the space, you can even offer something like yoga classes.


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