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When it comes to an evolving medium like digital marketing, there are generally two key types of trends that you’re dealing with. The first are those “flash in the pan” trends that seem to go just as quickly as they appear. The ones that so-called “experts” claim is going to become the “next big thing,” but that prove to be nothing more than a fad and are dismissed because of it.

The other type of trend is different. It’s the kind that clues you in that something incredible is lurking just over the horizon. These trends help shed insight not on how far digital marketing has come, but where it might be going – putting you in an excellent position to try to get there before anyone else.

Thanks in large part to the popularity and general advancement of streaming technology, live video has absolutely become the type of trend that falls into the second category. At this point, a full 80% of people say that they would rather watch a live video from a brand they admire than read a blog – even if they’d leave both experiences with the exact same bits of information. Not only that, but 82% of people also say that they prefer live video from a brand over social posts as well.

This type of OTT content has changed the game – not just in terms of how you’re delivering information to people, but also with regards to the type of experience you can create. Not only is live video much more intimate by its nature, but there’s also a sense of urgency – people feel like they need to watch a video before it’s over so they don’t miss out on something incredible.

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Video on demand content is another example of this type of trend – one that seemed impossible at one point due to dial-up Internet connections around the country. With a VoD platform, the viewers are truly in control of the way they consume content. Look at what is happening to network television. Rarely do people actually watch a show when it airs anymore. Instead, they choose to watch it on their own terms. Or, they let a few episodes pile up so that they can “binge” them all in a row. People don’t care about how you want them to experience video. They want you to support the ways they want to experience it.

Rest assured, this is all just the tip of the iceberg. As a digital marketing professional, so much of your ability to succeed involves listening to your audience with regards to what they want. They don’t just want you to give them helpful, genuinely informative content. They also want you to give it to them on their terms.

As this Infographic of the top 10 online video trends streaming across the digital marketing landscape goes to show, people are making their opinions heard loud and clear. Now, it’s up to you to listen to them. Not only is video bringing people into your organization with more intimacy than ever before, but it’s also changing the way people shop. Techniques like 360-degree videos and 1:1 level of personalization are quickly becoming the new norm. Augmented reality and virtual reality are finally ready for prime time.

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All of this paints an incredibly clear picture of where digital marketing is headed and what a pivotal role that video will play in those proceedings. Imagine being able to ride the wave of social media before anyone else could – that’s the type of opportunity that we now find in front of us. All that’s left to do is take full advantage of it in any and all ways that we can.


Where’s Video Going? 10 Trends to Watch [Infographic]

Credit: Uscreen


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PJ is the founder of Uscreen, a video monetization platform that allows creators to distribute and monetize their video content online. PJ enjoys reading, learning new things, and has a need for speed.

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