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Staying connected through a good wireless platform is important for the modern small business. Having  great in-building connectivity is invaluable for solid communications that translate into better sales and production numbers. A recent survey from Zinwave reports 74 percent of those polled had trouble with poor cellular converge in the workplace.

WiFi Benefits for Business

Here’s 10 productivity benefits for providing a great wireless connection at your small business.

Fewer Dropped Calls 

The calls you make to prospects can make or break an important deal. Dropped calls interrupt the business flow and can cost you money. A boosted in-building wireless connection in your building ensures you can call out reliably when you need to.

Reliable Data Use   

The Zinwave research also reports that 65% of small business industrial workers use wireless data capabilities daily. Another reason a good in-building connection is critical.

Coverage Fills a Hole

The bigger carriers like Sprint have stretched their distributed antenna systems to the limits.

Scott Willis, CEO of Zinwave, explains why his company’s product boosting the wireless connections inside is critical. He spoke with Small Business Trends.

“The existing large wireless networks that have been built up, don’t necessarily penetrate in an indoor environment.”

Texting is Seamless  

Texting is a small business trend that is gaining momentum. With a good wireless connection in the office, it’s even quicker than email. It works for both internal and external messages.

Employees Can Use Their Own Devices  

This in-building connection is a one size fits all solution. A good in house wireless platforms folds into the other big carriers like Verizon and Sprint making it easy for employees to use their own devices under your small business roof

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“It’s about amplifying the signal across an entire building,”  Willis says.

Costs Less for Apps   

When everyone brings their own devices, there’s less need for a big swath of company apps paid for by your small business. An in house wireless connection can serve everyone.

Breaks Through Thick Walls 

These boosted connections supply a signal in older buildings. Quite often the walls in these older places are thick enough they block outside signals from getting through.

Allows for Mobile Video  

Video is an important part of most small businesses’ marketing efforts. Mobile video becomes even more valuable with a good in-building amplification.

Millennials are Online  

This segment of the workforce is the largest now and they’ve all grown up online. Allowing them to work that way increases productivity. 

Supports Existing Departments  

Many small business departments from  HR to billing can be streamlined and made more efficient with a boosted wireless connection. 

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