10 Rules A Blogger Can’t Ignore For Better Traffic

By Mark Zeni

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” –Brian Clark

The Internet is full of traffic. How do you attract at least a part of it to your blog? You have been working so hard to maintain the quality of your blog, but when will the analytics bless you with better numbers?

It is not that your blog drives traffic only if you are lucky. However, you can’t promote it carelessly or expect it to be read widely just by ensuring a great topic. Only patience and systematic efforts will get you the desired traffic. Look at these factors one by one, and you will be convinced that you can open the gates to the traffic you need.

1. Quality content

Everything you need to know about creating killer content (can be put) in 3 simple words: Clear. Concise. Compelling.” –Demian Farnworth

This is, of course, the basic requirement. So besides regular study and proper research, fresh topics and interesting treatment, get your content reviewed by professionals to make it error-free before sending it online. You will add value to it by making it relevant. Also make your content SEO friendly.

Google Analytics tells you which of your topics are getting more viewers, their location, language, and preferred devices. The blogs they like will highlight the areas in which you are strong and you will know where to focus for more traffic.

2. Captivating headline

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar. –David Ogilvy

A headline is like a preview of a blog. The signboard to the shop a blogger has started. In this busy market, only a catchy headline can lead a reader to the display of blog he has created. A reader is generally looking for a problem solver, so titles such as ‘How to stay young even at the age of 50′, ‘10 Steps To Stay relaxed using Outsourcing’, and ‘The Ultimate Guide to…’ are the best click-baits to land them on your blog.

3. Visual bait

If content is the king, visuals are what make it kingly. Time and again the importance of the visual element has been proved. Any information which comes as a visual treat naturally gets more likes, shares, and ultimately more traffic. Some of the most popularly engaging visual contents are:

-Current affairs

4. Promotion

There are two ways to promote your blog. Organic and Paid.

Under the organic promotion, attach the blog link to your email signature. Invite the receiver to read it. Because it goes with each mail you send, it is a good reminder, and sooner or later every receiver will click it. Mail others who you know would be interested in the topic. Then there is Facebook, Twitter, and other to regularly put up your link. If you are regularly interacting on various social forums, your blog will definitely get noticed.

Paid promotion or pay per click services, of course, gives you a wider and definite reach, but you need to decide wisely on who you want to read your blog, and strategize accordingly.

5. Bring in influencers

Mention a big brand or incorporate an influential person’s quote with a back link to their names. Cite an example using their name. This creates chances of that person or brand promoting your blog – knowingly or unknowingly — in the process of their branding exercise, such as tweets or status messages.

6. Keep in touch

Blogging is an online exercise, so you must regularly socialize on the internet. The most popular club is Twitter. It is a place where you will find both old and young, intellectuals and non-intellectuals. Tweet your posts there. You can also leverage an occasion by retweeting a past post. Make your content easily shareable. Facebook too brings you views, but far less than Twitter.

7. Keywords

Keyword is one of the keywords in promoting a blog. There are popular keywords, but big agencies are already fighting for it, so no point wasting your time there. For you, the best bet is long-tail keywords– search phrases made of more than 3 keywords. They are focused, cheaper due to less competition, and are easier to target. See these examples:
Health food — health food plans for children below 8 years
Hot pot – electric hot pot car adapter

8. Frequency

(Superheroes) can disappear for months or years and then burst back onto the scene with a climactic display of their impressive powers. Okay for superheroes, not okay for your content. It might feel boring and constraining, but publishing consistently brings results.” –Amy Harrison
People need regular reminders of your blog. You can’t pop up once in a while and expect people to promptly visit your blog. You need to decide how regularly you wish to write and stay committed to it.

9. Guest, guest

Be a guest. Bring a guest. Visit others’ blogs. Be their guest blogger. Bring a guest blogger to yours. Your reputation will help them, similarly, theirs will help grow traffic to your blog. At the same time, never neglect the quality. Be patient and careful. Beware also of spamming as it attracts painful penalties.

10. Loading time

Loading time is a major factor that affects ranking for marketers. Since you are promoting your blog, you must ensure that it has a good loading timing. Smooth loading of a page makes for a good user experience and brings a user back to the page.

There are no lines in the sand in the blogosphere except for those who draw those lines in an effort to get attention. –David Risley

No great blogger is awesome on his first day. He just keeps honing his blog writing skill, unfailingly follows rules he has learnt, and with his persistence, creates value that makes his blog awesome.

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  • George C

    This is awesome! Thank you so much, recently i’ve noticed that traffic on the blog I work on has been slowing down a bit, so with any luck, these tips will help give my blog the kick it needs!

  • Cathy Mayhue

    All excellent points and very important for all the aspiring bloggers to take a note. I would like to add that for writing quality content one must write from the heart, write about some thing you are passionate about and quality content will follow.

  • mansi desai

    In this post all points are very beautifully written so we are making and implementing this all points for improvement ,

    once again you have written nice stuff for us ,

    thanks for this information ,


    mansi desai

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