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You can now upload a video to the cover image area of your business’s Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) page. That means you have the opportunity to pack even more interest and information into the top of your Facebook business page.

Videos can be between 20 and 90 seconds long. So you have a limited amount of time to work with. But there are still plenty of opportunities to use the new feature to benefit your business. Here are 10 Facebook cover video ideas.

Facebook Cover Video Ideas

Your Product in Action

If your business sells physical products, especially if it’s something new or something that could use a bit of demonstration, your Facebook cover video could be a great opportunity for you to show it in action.

Let’s say your business makes eco-friendly cleaning products. You can show those products in use to demonstrate how effective they are, potentially alleviating some worries that your products won’t be as effective as those that include harsh chemicals.

Team Introduction

Your cover video can also be a great way for you to show the faces behind your business. Give your team some face time and maybe even show a bit of your working environment. This is an option that can work with almost any type of business.

Location Tour

You can also give a little behind-the-scenes tour of your business. This can be especially effective if your business is something that customers can visit in person. For example, if you run a hotel or resort, you could give a short tour offering some of the highlights. Remember, it has to be quick!

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Animated Logo

You can also keep it fairly simple but just add some visual interest to your page by integrating some animation into your logo. This can help you really call attention to your visual design or even integrate a tagline or some extra design elements that wouldn’t really fit into a static image.

Explanation of Services

If your business is one that offers a selection of services, you can use a Facebook cover video to call attention to each of those services without overwhelming page visitors by trying to fit all of those services into one image.

For example, you might own a digital marketing company that offers services like social media management, content marketing and branding design. Instead of creating one busy image, you can create a video that runs through each of those services individually so visitors can get an idea of all that you offer as they spend more time on your page.

Video Menu

Or if you own a restaurant or cafe that offers a menu of different items, you could create a visual menu to call attention to some of your most popular items. You can include visuals of those items along with the product names so that customers know what they can get when they visit your business.

Styled Photoshoots

Styled photos are popular on social media sites like Facebook. But if you want to share some styled visuals in video form, you can share a sort of behind the scenes view of a photoshoot with short video clips that showcase your products in a styled setting.

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This can be especially effective if you have a clothing line or fashion related brand. Simply set up a photo shoot and gather some video footage to showcase your products and allow customers to get a feel for your brand.


If your business offers software, an online platform or anything that’s mainly accessed on a computer screen, you could potentially benefit from sharing a screencast. Say you want to demonstrate how your software program works — what better way than showing it in action!


A cinemagraph is a looping picture, similar to a GIF, where an expansive environment is shown, but just one small part if the image is moving. This wouldn’t provide a lot more context or information than a static photo would. But it does add some movement or visual interest to your page.

Say you own a bike shop. You could have your cover photo depict an outdoor scene that includes a bike trail. And every once in awhile a biker zooms by. This simply serves as a way to integrate some movement and set your page apart.

Moving Portfolio

Video also gives you a better opportunity to showcase more of your work. For example, if you’re a photographer or graphic designer you could create a slideshow of several of your images to include as a sort of video portfolio. This allows you to show more of your work than just one image. And it gives a more up-close view than a collage image would.

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