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If you’re working in the field of digital marketing, I’m sure by now you have a pretty clear idea about how important Twitter can be for a business.

Twitter provides you with the opportunity to connect with millions of people, helping to spread the word about your business, and share your views on the latest trends.

One of the most interesting options to make use of on Twitter is Twitter chats, an online event where you organize Twitter discussions around a topic, creating conversation among participants using a central hashtag.

If you’re looking to get a better understanding of Twitter chats, or maybe you just want to know some new chats worth checking out, here are thirteen valuable Twitter chats which can help you stay on top of marketing trends.

1. #ProofHub Chat

ProofHub chat is hosted every alternate Friday at 11:30 am EST. The chat covers lot more than just marketing – they also cover subjects like productivity, team building, leadership and lot more.

2. #ContentChat

If you want to stay on top of the latest content marketing trends, Content Chat is a must. Content Chat has been around for years – it was started by Jenise Fryatt in 2013. Moderated by Erika Heald, the chat is held every Monday at 3pm EST.

3. #SocialChat

As you would have guessed from the name, Social Chat covers the topics related to social media and marketing trends within the social media industry. Founded by Michelle Stinson-Ross and Alan K’necht way back in 2011, the chat is currently held every Monday night at 9 pm EST.

4. #BufferChat

Hosted every Wednesday at 10am EST, Buffer Chat engages followers on topics related to social media and regularly provides insights from top marketers. The chat was founded more than a year back, and has been going strong since inception.

5. #PPCChat

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A great place for you to be if you interested in talking about paid marketing, PPC Chat is hosted every Tuesday at 12pm EST. Matthew Umbro, the host of the chat, covers topics ranging from keyword strategies to PPC campaigns, search engine marketing and more.

6. #InboundHour

For people who are interested in the Inbound Marketing game, this Twitter chat, hosted by HubSpot, is must. Hosted every Tuesday at 1pm EST, it provides insights, tips and tricks for those looking to make the most of inbound marketing.

7. #CustServ

As the wider market has shifted, the trends in customer service have also evolved, and, #CustServ is one Twitter chat that can help you stay updated on the latest in customer service industry. Hosted every Tuesday at 9pm EST, it can be a great place for you to learn about customer service happenings.

8. #GetRealChat

Hosted by Pam Moore, #GetRealChat focuses on topics about both content marketing and social media. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for content, or encouragement on how to get the value of your content on social media, participating in #GetRealChat every Tuesday at 9pm EST can be a great help.

9. #SEMrushChat

Not just for great tips on SEO, digital marketing and content, but if you’re also looking to connect with top influencers from the industry, participating in #SEMrushChat is a must. It’s hosted every Wednesday at 11am EST.

10. #SEOChat

Covering topics related to SEO, #SEOChat targets SEO experts who are looking to discuss latest marketing trends, and updates. It’s hosted every Thursday at 1pm EST by Search Marketing weekly.

11. #SproutChat

Hosted by the team at Sprout Social, #SproutChat covers topics related to social media marketing. SproutChat runs every Wednesday at 3pm EST, and can be a great place to begin your journey in the field of social media marketing.

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12. #HootChat

Another great Twitter chat on social media marketing is hosted every Thursday at 3pm EST by Hootsuite. Covering topics such as best practices on social media, and how to use the power of social media to market your services, #HootChat is one of the busiest chats during the hour, regularly generating thousands of mentions.

13. #CMGRHangout

Helping marketers with the best tricks on community building, #CMGRChat focuses on the best community management tactics. It’s hosted on both Twitter chat as well as Google Hangouts by My Community Manager, on Fridays at 2pm EST.

(Editor’s note: Also, don’t sleep on Social Media Today’s regular #SMTLive Twitter chats, hosted bi-monthly and featuring some of the leading industry experts.)

Some Dos and Don’ts

For those of you who don’t know how to participate in a Twitter chat, here are some dos and don’ts –

The Dos

  • Follow the hashtag on

  • Ensure you’re aware of the rules for the specific chat before joining (if there are any)

  • Let your followers also know about it at least 30 minutes before the chat begins so that they can also participate (or prepare for an increase in tweet volume from your account)

  • Always cite the question you are responding to during the chat (i.e. if answering ‘Question 1’ you should begin your response tweet with ‘A1’ or similar)

  • Interact with people by responding to their questions and answers during the chat

The Don’ts

  • Don’t forget to include the chosen hashtag while participating

  • Don’t indulge in blatant personal branding or promotion

  • Don’t try to dominate the chat

These are some of the best Twitter chats to tune into – try participating when you get a chance, and seeing what benefits chats can provide for your marketing strategies.

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