15 SEO mistakes brands must avoid

Almost any company that knows it’s salt is digitizing their company.

With the need for digitization comes the need for functioning and interactive websites and social platforms.

Everyone knows how important their ranking is, and wants to know how to get their website ranking up. They worry about SEO and SEM and keep throwing money at the problem without seeing or knowing the solution.

Have you tried everything you know?

Let me tell you some things about SEO and what you can do right that ensures that your site is making progress.


S.E.O simply means Search Engine Optimisation.

Some of the mistakes you must avoid when it comes to SEO is:


Purchasing Links

Don’t buy links, it does not help in the long run.


Submitting to wrong directories

Submit  your site to directories that have your product or website niche.


Article Marketing

Don’t sell articles. Guest posting and linking back to your site does better for your website than marketing articles.


Keyword stuffing

Don’t struggle to get to the 16 word keyword mark. Just write naturally while keeping the keyword to use in mind.


Unnatural Anchor text

Don’t struggle to obey all the rules when it comes to picking the right title. Simple add the keyword and write naturally using the keyword you chose and use a catchy title.


Posts that are shorter than 300 words

Write posts that are longer than 300 words. A 300 word article is your first paragraph. Finish your article and do make it at least a 500-word article or 1000 word article.


Allowing links in comments

Don’t approve comments with links in them and try not to put a link in another website’s comments, use forums instead.


Not using anchor text for internal links

Use anchor text for the links in your article.


Duplicate content

Don’t duplicate your content, do your best to use original content.


Not optimizing local searches

Optimize for local search by tagging your article with at least three keywords so the readers can see what your article is about.


Poor website Navigation

Make it easy for the visitors of your website to navigate seamlessly around your website.


Not having a mobile friendly website

Make your website mobile friendly. It is easy. Read on how to make your website mobile friendly here


Unreasonable SEO expectations

Don’t expect your alexa rankingt to fall by 500 points in a month except you are on national TV everyday and advertising your social handles and website daily


Underestimating content marketing

Don’t underestimate content marketing. Write useful content that your readers can find useful and so are eager to read it every time new content comes out.

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