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Change is the only thing that stays the same in the world of web development and programming. In fact, the rate of change seems to be speeding up. Stop by your favorite coffeehouse, and by the time that cup of brew cools, you can bet something has changed. That’s why if you’re serious about staying ahead of the curve, you’ll need to be reading cutting-edge web development and programming blogs.

Truth of the matter is that there are hundreds of blogs about web development. You can’t—and really, don’t want to—read them all. Some blogs will open your eyes to exciting new ways of doing things, while others will cause your eyes to droop with boredom.

To help you find some of the best web development and programming blogs, we compiled a list of some of the need-to-read blogs. These blogs are written by established pros and emerging stars in the industry. Keeping tabs on these resources will help you stay a step ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving web development world. That’s essential in a competitive market.

Web development & programming blogs worth checking out

1. A List Apart

Why follow? A List Apart uses the tagline “For people who make websites.” Relying on a collection of contributing authors, this blog covers a wide spectrum of topics, including design, development and content. The writing style assumes a lively, conversational style that’s devoid of technical overload, yet offers plenty of substance.


Why follow? offers a technical review of coding practices and methodology. The site says it focuses on, “Building up activities, as opposed to tearing down activities.” It defines that statement as, “Showing what works, rather than what doesn’t.”

3. CSS-Tricks

Why follow? CSS-Tricks is a name that might make you think this is a blog only about CSS. While CSS is a leading topic, you’ll also find articles on other coding subjects. A significant number of articles are written by founder Chris Coyier, but guest authors are now being published more frequently.

4. Scott Hanselman

Why follow? Scott Hanselman is a programmer with Microsoft, but he writes this blog separate from his work. He writes about technical topics, but also touches on how evolving technology affects culture, community and media. Hanselman is also a speaker, podcast producer and author in addition to being a blogger.

5. Superherojs

Why follow? Superherojs has gathered a large collection of articles and videos about JavaScript. Topics range from introductory basics to more advanced applications. The site is continually updated with new issues affecting JavaScript. Even if you excluded the helpful written content, this site’s visual appeal and catchy superhero comic-book graphics alone make it worth a visit.

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6. UXMyths

Why follow? UXMyths says it debunks misconceptions about UX designs with factual research data. Articles help designers avoid pitfalls from misleading opinions that sometime circulate within the industry. They use the slogan: “Build your product based on evidence, not false beliefs.”

7. Design Shack

Why follow? Design Shack inspires with examples of design along with technical issues such as HTML, CSS, UX, navigation and software. The site seeks to foster the unique creativity of each individual designer and provide the knowledge about how to use technology to make it all possible.

8. Coding Horror

Why follow? Coding Horror takes the approach that mistakes provide a great source of learning. But instead of laying a guilt trip on the reader, the site’s voice is a humorous one, with photos and graphics to complement the writing style, which is substantive, but friendly.

9. Creative Bloq

Why follow? Creative Bloq combines how-to technical advice with designs skills. You’ll find articles on graphic design, illustration and typography, as well as technical insights on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It’s also a good source for articles on animation and apps.

10. DZone

Why follow? DZone is a highly technical blog with an extensive range of articles for software developers and programmers, including ones about JavaScript, HTML, CSS, cloud computing, database management and mobile. This blog boasts that over a million developers have joined, so the following for this site is huge. Contributors are leading experts from around the globe.

11. The UXPin Blog

Why follow? The UXPin blog features advice on site usability, documentation, responsive web design, UX design and, of course, UXPin. You can find many insights on how to work with wireframes, mockups and prototypes with this blog. The site also offers e-courses and webinars to help web programmers refine and advance their skills.

12. The Ahrefs Blog

Why follow? The Ahrefs Blog is a place to go for expert insights on search engine optimization (SEO). The site helps you learn through tutorials, case studies and articles authored by leading experts. Articles about SEO and keywords tend to be highly technical for the more advanced practitioners who want to advance their skills.

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13. Search Engine Roundtable

Why follow? Search Engine Roundtable focuses heavily on search engine marketing (SEM). It offers forums in which experts delve deeply into the intricacies of the field. The site touts itself as the single best source for discussions and articles relevant to SEM.

14. Scotch

Why follow? Scotch is for web developers who want to bring their coding skills to a higher level. Their slogan is, “Code. Eat. Sleep. Loop. Fun and practical web development.” The site offers guides, courses and tutorials. The advice goes beyond the typical material, helping you choose the best strategy for coding when there are several options.

15. Cats Who Code

Why follow? Cats Who Code serves up a healthy mix of insights for both web design and development, making it the perfect site for people who are involved in both. The site covers WordPress to a significant degree. So if you’re working in that content management system, this is definitely a blog to check out.

16. Pixelhint

Why follow? Pixelhint offers free downloads of website templates and resources for web designers and developers. You can even find some website templates to get started. The site promises to keep readers on track for creating clean and friendly user interfaces.

17. Sitepoint

Why follow? Sitepoint is one of the biggest and most popular web development blogs. No list of web programming blogs would be complete without it. Sitepoint is the granddaddy of blogs, covering all the important subjects, including HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, UX, SEO and more.

18. CodeCondo

Why follow? CodeCondo calls itself a community for “Developers, designers and business people.” The site gathers resources together to make it easy for professionals to stay ahead of the learning curve in a fast-paced world. The site includes news, tutorials, tips and tools for web development professionals.

Consider a Career in Web Development and Programming

If reading about these web development and programming blogs has sparked your interest in this fast-paced, ever-changing profession, check out our article, “9 Programming Careers for Coding Connoisseurs.”

If you’re the type who thrives in a cutting-edge environment where nothing stands still, web development and programming may be just the career for you.


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