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Blogging is simple.

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Help people generously, patiently and persistently.


BUT….blogging feels:

  • incredibly uncomfortable sometimes
  • scary at times
  • complex at times
  • difficult at times

Why? People do simple stuff, basic stuff, for a while, and virtually all bloggers see 0 traffic or 4 visitors a day after weeks or even months of doing simple, basic stuff. Fools panic, at this point, and do silly, struggle-inducing, complex stuff. Smart bloggers KEEP ON DOING basic blogging stuff, see tough times through, and succeed.

Do basic stuff generously and persistently.


I wrote an eBook: Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger.

The read became an instant fave of mine and more than a few readers loved it because it stresses the key blogging success element: mindset. Successes do basic stuff daily for quite a while. Failures either do complex stuff short or long term and fail, or do basic stuff short term, panic and fail. But if you do basic stuff persistently and generously, you succeed.

Time to revisit the basics.

1: Solve Reader Problems

I help solve blogging problems at Blogging From Paradise.

I keep solving blogging problems daily.

I know solving blogging problems forms the basis of my blogging success. Solve problems for one specific reader. Be seen as an expert. Prosper.

Of course, some bloggers:

  • blog whatever is on their mind
  • blog on topics not aligned with their blog message
  • blog about anything but reader problems

and in so doing, struggle and fail. Keep it simple. Keep it basic. Solve problems related to your blogging niche. Be basic. Succeed.

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2: Make Friend thru Being Generous

Be generous. Promote bloggers. Make friends. Succeed.

Simple. Basic. Quite easy, long term, because being generous daily builds a freaking massive, loyal blogger friend network over time.

Mention a fellow blogger:

  • on your blog
  • on Twitter
  • on Facebook

today. Expect nothing in return. Bonds form. Blogging buddies promote you, endorse you and buy your stuff. Some blogging buddies hire you.

Observe reviews from blogging buddies of mine in response to Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger.

See how buddies shout out your valuable, on topic, blogging eBooks and services?

Silly bloggers go lone wolf. What a difficult ride. How complex, too, trying to drive traffic and profits solo. Far better to keep it basic; make friends and observe how your blog grows exponentially.

3: Be Clear on What You Sell

Basic way to prosper: be clear on what you sell.

Click my contact page. See how I advise folks to contact me for advertising opportunities? Clarity. I do not hide or bury premium offerings. Nor do I lack clarity in sharing what I offer. Nor do I put up barriers to premium offerings, like bloggers fearful of spam or lame, bottom of the basement, cheapie pitches.

Be clear on what you sell. Sell more stuff. Sounds easy but this step feels incredibly uncomfortable for most bloggers who cling to money fears aka limiting beliefs.


Ignore bloggers who promise the secret to getting rich quickly. No such way exists. Do not be swayed by silly hacks and tricks intended to be the ultimate blogging short cuts. Complex, fear-driven, impatient, desperate or outright greedy tactics serve as complex, dangerous roads to blogging failure.

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Drop the shortcuts that bleed complex, difficult and failing blogging, long term.

Keep it simple. Stick to the blogging basics for the long haul. Be generous, be patient, be persistent and do not deviate from basic blogging strategies. I am writing the simplest of posts right now in a Star Wars Cave Home in Cappadocia, Turkey. Simple breeds success. Basic creates your dream life.

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