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Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger

I learned 2 invaluable blogging success lessons over the years. Over 20,000 hours, actually. I have blogged quite a bit over the past 10 years of my life. 2 mindset lessons reign supreme as far as importance because if you do not personally learn and live these lessons, you cannot be happy and succeed.

1: Be Straight With Yourself

This is the most important mindset lesson in life.

Being straight with yourself is the key to happiness, freedom, joy, success, money, massive exposure and every delicious thing in life. Lying to yourself leads to sadness, depression, struggle, failure, anger, rage, quitting and all fear-repressing in life.

I lied to myself for much of my blogging career because even though I experienced some worldly success, I did not face deep, pulsating fears that held me back. Over the prior 7 months, I have faced, felt and released deep fears by FINALLY being straight, or honest, with myself. Nobody can force you to be honest with yourself, save you. Make that personal choice. Make that intimate choice.

Being straight with yourself simply allows you to face your deepest fears, to feel these fears, so you can take step #2: being generous. Facing deep fears often involves crying, sadness and a heavy, depressed feeling for a little bit. Do not worry. Feelings pass. But DO face and feel these fears and be honest about clinging to fears. You can only think, feel and act like a successful blogger if you honestly own your fears, feel the energies and proceed from a clear, generous, more peaceful energy.

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2: Be Generous with Human Beings

If you are generous, success finds you. Being helpful and expecting nothing moves you into an abundant vibe. But you have to understand: most of humanity is NOT generous, focusing instead on work only for money. This ain’t good. Not a successful blogger mindset. Mainly because you need to work for free to increase your skills and exposure to the point where traffic and money flows to you easily after thousands of hours of service.

Being generous also introduces you to the concept of making indirect profits. I may write and publish 10 blog posts today. Nobody pays me directly for the posts. But the profits I earn through my increased exposure, all indirect, do indicate my generous vibe, my abundant mindset.

I was stingy for years. My blog never really took off. But a while back, I ramped up being generous and things did begin to move more swiftly as far as my blogging success. Adopting a generous mindset made the difference. But I had to be straight with myself first.

Help oodles of folks for free daily. Be honest. Do you hold back because you fear wasting your time? Do you fear not getting paid? Own the fear, feel it and release it to position yourself to think like a successful blogger.

Happy Blogging!

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