20 Amazing Instagram Statistics Small Business Owners MUST See

The age-old saying ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ definitely bares truth on Instagram. This incredibly simple photo and video sharing network is a rapidly gaining in popularity and social media prestige. For small businesses, utilizing Instagram provides cost-effective opportunities to resonate with target audiences, reach new customers and grow their brand.

Instagram Statistics

Still not convinced? The check out the following 20 Instagram statistics that every small business owner should be aware of.

Downloading of Instagram App Surpasses 1 billion on Google Play

With the downloading of the Instagram app long surpassing 1 billion on the Google Play Store alone, the hugely popular video and photo sharing platform provides a wealth of opportunity for small businesses to reach out and engage with customers.

50% of Generation Z Users Are on Instagram

If your small business targets Generation Z  — those aged 13 to 19 — you’ll be interested to learn that about 50% of these young social media users are active on Instagram.

Instagram has 500 Million Daily Users

With 500 million users daily, Instagram makes it easy for small businesses to connect and engage with customers and prospective customers every day.

Gig Spending on Instagram has More than Quadrupled Since 2017

Research from the gig economy marketplace Fiverr shows freelance spending on Instagram has more than quadrupled since the beginning of 2017. If you want to keep up with freelancers and other small businesses, you’ll need to start investing in Instagram.

Instagram Stories has 200 Million Plus Daily Active Users

When the company launched its Instagram Stories features, it was lapped up by users, quickly reaching 200 million daily active users. Using Instagram Stories helps small business convey messages that are too lengthy to be confined to just one photo. Furthermore, the Stories feature allows you to add links to direct followers to your website, blogs or other social media handles.

Half of Instagram Users Follow a Business

Another Instagram statistic no business can afford to ignore — 50 percent of Instagrammers follow a business!

Instagram’s Influencer Marketing is a Billion Dollar Industry

Given the marketing opportunities Instagram provides, savvy advertisers and businesses are spending money on influencer marketing on Instagram. In fact, so prolific are the marketing openings on Instagram that in 2017, the platform’s influencer market was put at $1.07 billion.

More than Half of Youngsters in the U.S. Use Instagram

Are 18 to 29-year-olds part of your small business’s target audience? If so, you’ll be interested to learn that 55% of all 18 to 29-year-olds in the U.S. use Instagram.

Instagram Users Like More Than 4.2 Billion Posts Per Day

An announcement by Instagram in 2019 showed that users like 4.2 billion posts daily. If you’re not posting on Instagram, your products and services simply won’t be among the billions liked every day.

Instagram Nurtures More Engagement Than Facebook

Social media is inherently interactive and for small businesses, enabling them to interact and engage with customers and clients like no other marketing outlet provides. If you’re looking for optimum engagement with customers, you’ll be interested to know that Instagram has 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook.

Posting a Video at 9 p.m. Gets More Interactions

If you’re active on Instagram and want to get more interactions for your business, you’ll be interested to learn that posting a video on the site at 9 p.m. gets 34% more interactions.

Instagram Encourages Regular Engagement with Brands

Not only is brand engagement on Instagram prolific but it’s regular, with 68% of Instagrammers engaging with brands regularly. This compares to 32% of Facebook users who engage with brands on a regular basis.

There are Millions of Google Searches Made for Instagram

Want to be found more easily on Google? Statistics show there are 16,600,000 Google searches for ‘Instagram’ per month, meaning simply signing up to Instagram could help your business get found online more easily.

Users Are Signing Up to Instagram in Droves

Instagram boasts a phenomenal growth rate. In 2017, the company gained a staggering 100 million users in just six months. With people joining the network a such a prolific rate, you simply can’t afford to ignore the power of Instagram.

Millions of Photos and Videos are Added to Instagram Daily

Did you know that 95 million photos and videos are uploaded each day onto Instagram? Consequently, if you’re not adding your brand’s images and videos to Instagram regularly, you’re very likely to fall behind your more social media savvy competitors.

More Than Half of Small Businesses Use Instagram

According to the Clutch 2017 Small Business Social Media Survey, 52% of small business owners use Instagram. With this in mind, if you’re among the 48% of small businesses not utilizing the popular image sharing network, you could seriously be lagging behind your competitors in the marketing stakes.

Many Instagram Users have ‘Deep Pockets’

A study by the Pew Research Center shows that many Instagram users have fairly ‘deep pockets’. 31% of adults using Instagram earn over $75,000 a year, 32% earn between $50,000 and $74,999 and 32% make between $30,000 and $49,000. Given the affluence of many Instagrammers, it certainly makes sense for brands to market their products and services on this burgeoning social network.

Around 70% of Instagrammers Search for a Brand on Instagram

One study found that the percentage of Instagram users who search for brands on the network is around 70%. Subsequently, if your brand doesn’t have an Instagram profile, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to get found and engaged with.

7 Out of 10 hashtags on Instagram are Branded

A whopping 7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded. Hashtags are a marketing force to be reckoned with on Instagram and if your business isn’t already using them, now’s the time to start getting #hashtaghappy!

Instagram Has More than 800 Million Users Worldwide

And finally, if you’re serious about increasing your business’s presence around the world, Instagram, with its 800 million plus users worldwide, is an effective platform to put your brand on a global pedestal.

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