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Choosing the right business name can help you get your new venture off to a strong start. However, some entrepreneurs struggle to find names that are relevant, memorable, and available.

Luckily, name generators can help spur ideas. There are plenty of these available online, including those for specific industries and niches such as craft business names. Most allow you to enter some keywords or basic information about your business. And then they generate relevant titles or suggestions based on your input.

Learn how to create a business name…

Once you decide on a name, either by using what the generator came up with or by putting your own unique spin on their suggestion, you still need to make sure your company name is available by performing a search on your state’s business name registry. If it’s available, you can register it as a corporation or DBA. The process varies by location, so check with your state to find the option that works best for you.

When it comes to actually choosing the name, here are some name generators to consider.

Business Name Generators for Small Businesses

Business Name Generator

20 Business Name Generators for Small Businesses

Business Name Generator, or BNG, provides plenty of variety and useful features for finding business name ideas. You start by adding a set of keywords that relate to your business. In this case, the search is for a new trendy floral shop that also specializes in wedding flowers. You can also filter searches based on your industry, specify if you want one word or two in your business name, and even add special features like rhyming.


For ecommerce businesses, Shopify offers a helpful online tool for choosing company names. The tool provides name ideas that are available as domains. And you can even use generators that are specialized for individual industries, like those for boutiques or fashion lines. Shopify name generator will let you see right away which domain names are available. This will allow you to set up a Shopify shop right away.

The query search allows you to generate 10 optional domain names with more extension names to choose from. Though the site encourages you to create a Shopify shop, using the domain name they’ve suggested to you, you have the option to go elsewhere to purchase the web address.


With Oberlo’s name generator, you enter a single keyword that is essential to your business and then get tons of suggestions revolving around that word or phrase in seconds. It’s free to use, and allows you to quickly register a domain for your top choice once you make a decision.

Oberlo also allows you to enter variations of words into the search bar prompting additional results to meet your satisfaction. Once you’ve decided which name you like be sure to set up a domain as soon as possible to make sure it doesn’t get taken by someone else.



Namelix uses AI to generate company names that are easily branded and short. If you’re always on the lookout for new names for products or campaigns, the tool will even learn your preferences over time so it can give you personalized suggestions.

Namelix allows you to include multiple keywords to search for available names as well as include exclusions. Its User Interface (UI) provides great aesthetics and maximum responsiveness.


Wordlab is less of an automatic generator than the other tools on the list, and more of a forum instead. To use it, you simply sign up for a free account and create a post with information about your business. Then members of the community will help you create a name that best suits your needs.

Worldlab is touted to me more fun than functional as it instead of returning a list of multiple names, you just get one.


Panabee lets you search for company names, along with domains, social media handles, and app names. Since the tool takes all of these things into account, you’re more likely to end up with a name that you can easily brand across platforms.

In addition to see the availability of domain names it will tell you how much they cost as well. It allows you to also choose a different extension from the dropdown menu. Panabee works with GoDaddy and offers excellent first-year domain name registration pricing as well. The downside here is that clicking through to social media networks takes you away from the site.


20 Business Name Generators for Small Businesses

BizNameWiz lets you enter multiple keywords related to your business then immediately get hundreds of name suggestions. Once you find one that you like, you can click it to find domain options for that name right on the platform.

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This comes with an easy to use tool and once an available domain that suits your needs is found you can register through Domainify.


Anadea’s name generator is perfect for businesses and app developers. You can specify whether you want the name to be available as a domain or in the app store so you can find something that’s actually usable.

Once you choose a domain, you’ll be prompted to get a quote for the domain and website building service. Anadea also offers custom web design and app names for your business needs.


With Novanym, you can access tons of available business names that are already branded, so you can save time and money when launching your business. You can either enter keywords to generate personalized suggestions or browse by industry or category to find inspiration. Novanym boasts of offering .com domains, hassle free domain transfer and other perks. 

Your name comes with a choice of logo designs thus providing you with a one stop shop for your business name and brand.



Namesmith offers a domain name generator that you can use to find open website options for your new venture. Enter a few keywords and then specify the type of domain you’re looking for to come up with a list of suggestions. The selection process is made easy with you being able to scroll through the list, and ‘star’ the ones that stand out to you.

Its search will yield results based on different search types. These include language, top-level domains, and various word blends might find appealing. This includes rhymes, prefixes and suffixes, modified spelling of your chosen keyword(s), and a few other options.

The options from your search query include exact match names, blends, and other combinations. It even provides suggestions based on common misspellings and word reversals.


FreshBooks is a bookkeeping tool that also offers a free name generator. Start by choosing your industry. Then you can enter a few keywords to generate some suggestions that are specific to your type of business.

Once a few name ideas come up and you select them, the name you selected will appear on a new page in for you to look at. FreshBooks also provides a tool for creating your logo in addition to providing you with a business name. 


As one of the biggest names in web domains, GoDaddy is also well equipped to help you create a brand to build your new site around. The generator is pretty similar to other options. But since it’s on GoDaddy, you can easily work through the domain registry process on the same platform.

GoDaddy comes with a simple tool to navigate and plenty of customization options.


20 Business Name Generators for Small Businesses

NameStation offers a keyword based generator that you can use to find business names and domains. The site also offers an option for naming contests so you can keep all of your business promotions fresh. A cool feature with NameStation is that it has a rich suggestion tolls menu. 

Namestation also offers suggestions from its community through contests if you opt out of the names the algorithms generates. Its community of over 1 million registered users have conducted almost 8,000 name contests so far. The downside is the free version shows limited results and doesn’t filter out taken domains.


Squadhelp offers a couple of different options for naming businesses. You can use the corporation name generator to automatically come up with suggestions. Or you can use the community of professionals to bounce ideas off of.

With its 100,000 plus creatives you can hold a contest in addition to the AI support. Squadhelp can be an ideal candidate for finding the name of your business. 


Dot-O-Mator turns business naming into a sort of game. You can enter keywords or categories, then select types of words or phrases that you like and see what the tool comes up with when they combine those two options.

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The intuitive process of naming allows you to easily identify your selections and help you settle on a final choice.



DomainWheel is designed to help businesses find names that can also work as domains. Enter keywords and your choice of extensions to see an extensive list of options. You can also go right from the generator to a domain registrar to jump on reserving your company’s name as a website.

Each search comes with a number of combinations, putting together a list of original names that are meant to fit your site’s needs, and can display up to 15 domain extensions (.com, .org, .net, .biz, .info and others). A helpful feature here is that it only shows results that are available for purchase. If you’re still undecided, scroll to pick from a list of rhyming suggestions and keywords that have a better potential for your site.

DomainWheel comes with an algorithm that helps to pick your related topics and comes with creative suggestions. It helps you to select extensions that you would like to include in a search. You also get plenty of domain name and customization help. can actually work for naming more than just a business. So companies can use it for things like product lines or promotions. You simply add a keyword, then the prefixes or phrases you may want to combine it with, along with preferences like number of syllables and whether or not you want to register it as a domain.

You can also add rhymes, Latin or Greek roots, and other words for variations. This business name generator also gives you some naming tips to read including naming advice and ten things to consider when naming your domain, product, or business.


Namemesh specializes in helping companies come up with unique names and domains by combining key words and phrases. For example, they can help you get creative with domain extensions to fit your business name into a site in a really interesting way.

After you enter your keywords, the NameMesh page divides your query into several categories such as common, similar, new, and fun, to help you find the right domain for your needs. It also comes with a checkbox to hide registered names as well as social media availability. 

This comes with multiple categories to narrow your search and choice of domain registrar to get best possible deal. The premium section comes with lots of filter options, such as extension, registrar, registered/non-registered, and maximum character count, which helps you narrow your options.

Within The Flow

20 Business Name Generators for Small Businesses

Within The Flow offers generators for both business names and slogans. So you can use it to gain a ton of inspiration for your branding efforts. It’s a standard keyword system, but all the names are available on the company’s platform so you can quickly set up an ecommerce solution.

Within The Flow comes with three simple steps search, choose and launch to make your search easy and convenient. It also has a robust support for ecommerce, drop shipping and social media marketing as well.


Nameboy’s corporation name generator lets you enter one or two keywords and then generates a variety of suggestions for your company’s name. It also connects with Bluehost to let you quickly and easily set up your new site. The features allow you to search a domain name with two see keywords. You also have full control in regards to removing or adding hyphens. It also provides you with a list of domain names for resell. 

If you need help coming up with a domain name from scratch Nameboy can help as well. All you have to do is type in one or two keywords and the platform provides a whole host of suggestions in seconds.

If you are a newbie it also comes with a tool that includes some tutorials on how to start a blog or create a website. Nameboy comes with charts that make it easy for you to determine which extensions are taken and which ones you can still take.


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