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As Charles Darwin pointed out, it isn’t necessarily the strongest or the smartest that survive – but rather, those who are most responsive to change.

Over the past 100 years Market Research has gone through many changes – from the 1920s when Market Research emerged as a formally recognized discipline through the continuous development of new methodologies, techniques, and technologies up to present day.

 As client expectations and modern technology evolve, researchers are constantly challenged to stay on top of or even get ahead of the latest trends. While it isn’t always possible to know what exactly the future will hold, Confirmit’s experts are constantly collecting feedback, watching trends, and monitoring technological evolution so we can help you get ahead of market changes that will impact the success of your research business. As we approach the start of 2020, we’ve prepared our predictions for the near future of Market Research.

 In this webinar, Confirmit’s Shirley Panek and Holly Carter will team up to discuss what we expect the future to hold for Market Research. During this webinar, we’ll discuss our predictions for:

  •          Improving speed and agility across the research continuum
  •          Moving beyond traditional surveys to secure deeper, richer insights
  •          Leveraging modern technology to understand unconscious consumer motivation.

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