25 Killer Marketing Automation Stats (Pssst! They’re New Ones!)

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Essentially all respondents (98%) agree that effective marketing automation is critical to long-term business success.

While just over half of B2B organizations surveyed are using marketing automation, only 27 percent firmly believe that it has increased marketing’s contribution to pipeline.

A significantly higher proportion of respondents based in North America indicate that marketing automation has provided their organizations with return on investment than those in Europe (91 percent versus 72 percent).

58% of respondents “strongly agree” that marketing automation makes marketing teams more efficient.

57% of respondents “strongly agree” that marketing automation increases marketing’s contribution to pipeline.

The vast majority (85%) of those surveyed rate their marketing automation systems as effective. Leaders are almost three times as likely as their peers to rate them as “very effective” (20%, versus 7% of those in the Mainstream group).

The vast majority of Leaders say that marketing automation has delivered a return on investment (93%) or increased contribution to pipeline (90%), compared to just over two-thirds of Mainstream organizations (69% and 68% respectively)

Leaders say that automation has increased marketing’s contribution to pipeline by an average of 31% (versus 26% for Mainstream organizations).

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