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25 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts on Sale Now

It’s been nearly three full months since many states issued shelter-in-place laws due to the coronavirus pandemic. You may or may not have been able to see Dad since then. Well, Father’s Day is coming up fast (it’s tomorrow!), and it’s a great time to remind him he’s one of your favorite people.

We already have a Father’s Day Gift Guide if you’re looking for ideas, but since time is running out, we hunted the web for deals on some of our favorite gear that might put a smile on your dad’s face. Make sure to give him a phone or video call and a virtual hug too, if you can’t physically be with him.

Updated June 20: We’ve added five more deals and updated prices and availability.

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The Sega Genesis Mini Is $21 Off

Photograph: Best Buy

Dad likely remembers this one. The rest of the WIRED staff might fight us, but the original Genesis was the best of that generation’s game consoles. Give a dose of his childhood back with this remade Genesis Mini with hookups for modern TVs. It comes pre-loaded with 40 games, including Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Streets of Rage 2, and Castlevania: Bloodlines. WIRED’s Julie Muncy says she fell down a Sega rabbit hole last fall when she previewed it.

The Sega Genesis Mini costs $59 ($21 off)

Fantastic Tech Gifts for Dad

Photograph: Amazon

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