26 Best Free Chrome Extensions for SEOs (Tried & Tested)

Looking for a list of free SEO-related Chrome extensions that will help you work faster and smarter? Then look no further.

This is not a random list of extensions. We’ve tested all of these tools and found them worthy of your attention. We also use a lot of them in our everyday work here at Ahrefs.

The list contains 26 extensions, so we split them into categories for your convenience.

Let’s start at the top.

Use these extensions to improve your webpages.

1. SEOInfo

This extension looks for SEO issues on the page, tells you how many there are, and lets you investigate further. The check covers meta tags, canonicals, indexability, Open Graph tags, structured data, hreflangs, page speed, and more.

It also has a built-in Audit module that uses Google’s Pagespeed Insights API.


Other similar extensions: META SEO inspector, SEO META in 1 CLICK, Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

2. Free Backlink Checker by LRT

Despite its name, this tool has nothing to do with incoming links. It analyzes the outgoing links on a page. Like many other link checkers, it highlights all broken links red and live links green. It can also export all links on a page to a CSV or XLSX file along with their anchor text, HTTP status, and “rel” attribute for further analysis.

Unlike many other broken link checkers, this one allows you to increase the time delay between link requests for slower page analysis. This prevents many false positives caused by server protection.

free backlink checker

3. Hreflang Tag Checker

Although lots of extensions show hreflang data, this one is more advanced. It crawls the URL’s hreflang tags to check if they have return links.

hreflang checker

Use these extensions to find and research keywords.

4. SEOStack Keyword Tool

Generates thousands of keyword ideas from a seed keyword by scraping autocomplete suggestions from Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay. If you’ve ever used Keyword Sheeter, you’ll already be familiar with the concept. All data can be exported to CSV.

seostack keyword tool

5. TextOptimizer

TextOptimizer describes itself as a writing assistant tool. It analyzes search results for relevant terms and extracts “intent tables” to suggest other words that you can use in your copy “to better match search engines’ expectations.”

text optimizer

6. Keyword Surfer

Keyword research and SERP analysis tool. It gives away an insane amount of data for a free tool: domain-level traffic estimations in the search results, keyword volumes (both local and global), keyword suggestions, and domain-level backlink counts.

surfer seo 1

Other similar extensions: WMS Everywhere

Use these extensions to monitor rankings in the SERPs.

7. SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch

Emulates Google searches from any location and checks if a particular URL ranks in the top 100 results. Very useful for seeing how rankings vary for a query in different parts of the world.

seo search simulator

8. SERPTrends SEO Extension

Tracks your Google, Bing, and Yahoo searches. Then, if you perform the same search again over time, it shows ranking movements directly in the SERPs.


Use these extensions to improve your site from a technical standpoint.

9. Link Redirect Trace

Uncovers all URLs in a redirect chain, including 301’s, 302’s and JavaScript redirects. Very useful for finding (and regaining) lost “link juice,” amongst other things.

link redirect trace

Other similar extensions: Redirect Path, Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

10. Google Lighthouse

Audits your page and suggests improvements related to performance, accessibility, developer best practices, and of course, SEO.

google lighthouse

11. AMP Validator

Checks if a page has an AMP version (Accelerated Mobile Page). The tool then runs the AMP validator to see if the page passes or fails.

12. OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer

Unveils the structured metadata present on any web page. It currently supports Microdata, RDF/XML, RDFa, JSON-LD, Turtle, and POSH.

openlink structured data sniffer

Other similar extensions: Structured Data Testing Tool

13. User-Agent Switcher for Chrome

Mimics user-agents to check that your website displays correctly in different browsers and OS’.

14. The Tech SEO — Quick Click Website Audit

Provides pre-formatted links (for the current URL) to a bunch of popular SEO tools. A very underrated tool that reduces the need for mundane copy/pasting.

quick click website audit

15. View Rendered Source

A must-have tool for those who work with JavaScript-powered websites. It compares the raw page code and its rendered version. As an SEO, you can check, for example, if JavaScript overwrites meta tags.

view rendered source 1

Use these extensions for better link prospecting, research, and management.

16. LinkClump

Open multiple links on the page (in new tabs or new windows) or copy them to your clipboard. Saves a lot of time, especially when link prospecting.


17. NoFollow Simple

A lightweight extension that highlights nofollowed links on a page. Super useful for link prospecting.

18. SimilarWeb

Check estimated traffic, traffic sources, keyword rankings, and other key stats for any website. Very useful for evaluating link opportunities.


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19. Hunter (Freemium)

Finds email addresses associated with the website that you’re visiting. You get 50 free credits per month. There’s also a Google sheets add-on for fast bulk checking.


Other similar extensions: Clearbit Connect, Name2Email

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20. Streak CRM for Gmail

A customer relationship manager for Gmail. Create mail merges, track emails, log interactions with leads/customers/prospects, and more. Perfect for organizing outreach campaigns.

streak crm 2

Use these extensions for a variety of SEO tasks.

21. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Our Chrome Extension. It features an on-page SEO report, redirect tracer, broken link checker, and nofollowed link highlighter. Ahrefs users also get page, domain, and keyword metrics for visited URLs and search results.

ahrefs toolbar 1

22. MozBar

Check Moz metrics such as Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Spam Score for any web page. You can also perform custom searches, check on-page issues, extract Google SERPs, and more.


23. SEO Minion

On-page SEO analyzer, broken link checker, SERP previewer, and a Google location simulator—all in one tool. But here’s one exclusive feature that can save you a lot of time: compare Google SERPs for two different countries.

seo minion

Use these extensions for other random SEO tasks that don’t fall into the categories above.

24. ObservePoint TagDebugger

Audit and debug issues with website analytics and marketing tags (e.g., Google Analytics, Tag Manager, etc.) on your website. It also checks variables and on-click events.

observepoint tag debugger

Other similar extensions: Event Tracking Tracker, Tag Assistant (by Google)

25. gInfinity

Creates infinite scrolling Google search results. Just scroll to the bottom of the page, and the next page of results is automatically added. Combine this with Chris Ainsworth SERPs extraction bookmarklet to easily scrape search results in bulk.


26. Scraper

Scrape data from any web page using XPath or jQuery. Integrate with Google Sheets for one-click export to a spreadsheet. Or you can copy to clipboard and paste into Excel.

Other similar extensions: Data Scraper — Easy Web Scraping, XPather

Final thoughts

There are quite a few Chrome extensions that bring the features of online SEO tools and services right into your browser. I hope that this post helped you to find an extension or two that will have a significant impact on your productivity and will save you lots of time.

Just keep in mind that using too many browser extensions may slow down your computer. So, choose them wisely.

If you use a lot of extensions, you can always create multiple user profiles for different tasks. Then, you can install different extensions on each profile and switch between them as needed.

You can also use One Click Extensions Manager to keep your extensions neat and orderly.

one click extensions manager

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