3 Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers in Niche Markets for 2019

3:29 PM, Oman-time.

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The internet has died on us a bit over the past 3 days. Brilliant for 2 months. Crappy for 3 days. Happens.

Since I think like a pro blogger I go offline and write. Complaining is stupid. Panicking is asinine. Worrying is madness. I am flexible. I changed my yoga and exercise sked. I write offline. Maybe tonight I get a good connection. Maybe I do not. Who cares? No fear there. Plus we leave for Turkey on Friday.

Guys; I had to think this way BEFORE being a pro blogger. People foolishly believe you think pro, when pro. Nope. BEING precedes becoming. Your energy leads, results trail. Sometimes, the lag time spans years. Good things take time.

New bloggers need to think like pros before becoming pros or you will think like a new blogger and struggle like a new blogger for however long you think like a newbie. Months or years; all on you, guys.

Follow these tips to think like a pro…even as a newbie.

1: You INVEST Money You Do Not SPEND it or LOSE it

Drives me batty. New bloggers fear losing money and struggle for up to 10 years or longer on free platforms, no courses or eBooks in their blogging library.

I invested thousands in my blog before stuff took off. Invest now, make more money later. Pros think increase, not loss. Pros think abundance, not scarcity. Be a pro; invest in your domain, hosting, premium theme and in your blogging education, via an eBook and course.

Invest money to make money. Fear losing money, to lose money. New bloggers fear losing money. New bloggers skip investing money. New bloggers struggle, lose money and fail.

Guys; investing 1 cent now leads to returns in the future. Invest money in your blog. Hundreds suffices. Thousands works too. See success. Have faith. Be a pro before becoming a pro.

2: Manage Your Energy Daily

Being new to blogging feels fun, freeing, exciting and….terrifying. I know the feeling well. 10 years ago, I was a new blogger.

Managing my energy was/is the best blogging decision I made. Newbies fall prey to fear; fear of losing money, face, reputation or….everything. Manage your energy. Face, feel and release fears. Proceed from a clearer, more confident energy.

Meditate, do deep yin yoga or pray daily. Or do all 3. Exercise daily. 30 minute walk does the trick. Drink ample water. Get plenty of rest. Consume ample fruits and veggies. Take care of your energy. See fear, and feel it, versus being fear’s bitch. Blog from love and clarity to think like pros.

I see newbies who invest $400 freely. Pro in waiting. I see newbies afraid to lose $5. Failing blogger, forever, until the individual faces, feels and releases the fear. Manage your energy. Be more fearless. Plus, learn how to nudge into fears more seamlessly. Powerful 1-2 combo to think like a pro.

3: Study Pros Closely

Resist the urge to surround yourself only with fellow new bloggers. Surround yourself mainly with pros. New bloggers have zero experience blogging. Pros have years of experience. Hang mainly with pros. Learn from the best. Study pros closely. Begin thinking like a pro during the first few days of your blogging career.

Connect with a small handful of newbies but focus mainly on studying people who are where you want to be, blogging-wise.

Network with Jane Sheeba, Kulwant Nagi and Bamidele Onibalusi. Surround yourself with professionals. Sponge up their knowledge. Feast on their wisdom.

You can succeed, guys. You can do it. Begin blogging intelligently by thinking like a pro blogger. Being a pro precedes your worldly success.

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