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Inbound marketing is certainly an effective form of marketing that is widely practiced now, as it has high potential to convert the audience into customers. According to sources, about 41 percent of marketers say that inbound produces measurable ROI and around 61 percent cheaper as compared to other forms of marketing and hence, prefer inbound marketing as their marketing strategy. In this mode of marketing, marketers use their own media to promote their products and services to drive website traffic, increase customer engagement and to enhance customer conversions rate.

Inbound marketing is a part of digital marketing,  which utilizes a perfect combination of content marketing, social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to grab the attention of target audience. Here are a few tips to measure the success of inbound marketing without wasting marketer’s time and energy in finding it.

Monitoring the Conversion Rates

Conversion rate is the most important factor any inbound marketer usually analyzes and measures to understand the success rate of this form of marketing. That’s because, the conversion rate directly indicates the number of customers has involved in desirable action on the website, although, the customer conversion can vary and must bide with the digital marketing’s goals.

The conversion rate is of two types- converting visitors to leads and converting leads to paying customers, where leads refer to email subscribers and also the one who represents landing page visits or number of social media followers. Thus, tracing the number of visitors who have become leads indicates the effort put in engaging the target audience. On the other hand, the profit earned from inbound efforts by converting, leads to paying customers marks the success of inbound marketing strategy.

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 Tracing the Website Traffic 

Monitoring the website traffic on a regular basis is mandatory to make sure that the inbound marketing efforts are yielding benefits and bringing in more unique page views for the website. The website traffic could be traced using Google Analytics account, which can provide the details of organic traffic, time spent on the page by the viewer, and viewer’s engagement. With regular monitoring of these factors, the marketers would get insights on traffic produced by the marketing campaigns, web page performance and more. Thus, using these data the marketers can work on to drive more traffic toward the website.

Engaging Customers through Social Media

When it comes to social media marketing, the marketer should focus on engaging the customers than reaching more number. Because reaching more viewers would just increase the volume of the audience but, engaging them aids in growing the audience and they would also actively involve in the content that is related to the brand. Also, engaging customers would eventually increase the brand reach and content would be shared among the targeted audience.  


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