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This year is rapidly coming to an end. While most of us are busy preparing for the holidays, it’ll eventually be time to get back to work for the new year. And, a new year means new things to look out for in order to improve your business. You’ve probably noticed a lot of different trends this past year and hopefully, those helped you bring in more leads over the last 12 months. But, any successful business has to be prepared to roll with the times.

Are you ready? Here are 3 marketing trends you’ll see in 2018.

1) Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence

Each year, technology continues to amaze us, giving us new ways to achieve our business goals with ease and with more results. In 2018, one major trend we will see is the incorporation of AI into the emails we send to our leads, subscribers, and customers. Though it’s not really certain how this will happen, this AI will help companies personalize emails even better, segment lists more efficiently, and overall, make the experience of automating emails that much easier. As the new year is upon us, be sure to stay up to date on AI news.

2) More Interactive Email Content for Readers

Emails can often be a hit or miss with customers. As more people turn to social media to follow their favorite companies and product providers, companies need to bring some of those characteristics into their emails. Of course, as mentioned above, AI will help with this, but companies can get a head start on this trend by creating emails that are more interactive. By adding surveys, polls, games, or embedded social media posts into your emails, you’re going to get a whole lot of engagement in 2018.

3) Providing More Value in Half the Time

On one hand, next year we will see a lot more interactive emails. But, on the other hand, we will also start to see emails that are just plain text. While some people like a lot of visuals and imagery, others like the old-style of reading. Next year, one of the biggest trends we’ll see with email marketing are plain text emails. This is great news for companies because writing plain text emails for one, many customers are attracted to this format, and two, it will take you a lot less time to write-up.

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Of course, value comes in lots of packages — such as Instagram and Snapchat. Companies who can move towards these platforms more are going to reach a wider audience while providing more value for their readers in half the time.

In addition to these new trends, we will also see companies building on previous trends. For example, last year, companies put a huge emphasis on making emails more accessible on mobile devices. This will continue to be important in 2018 as more and more people will be relying on their mobile devices to receive information that’s important to them.

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