3 Tips to Become an Efficient Guest Poster

I have written and published quite a few guest posts over the years.

I see one pressing problem though in the guest posting niche; many bloggers waste their time with inefficient activities.

I get guest posting pitches daily. Guest posting is permanently closed on my blog. I don’t even include a guest posting link.

Why do individuals contact me to pitch me? These folks aren’t aware of efficient guest posting practices.

If you become an efficient guest poster you can easily place one or more guest posts daily, which is nothing to sneeze at.

By following the 3 tips below you will gain invites to guest post on top blogs in your niche without ever having to pitch anybody.

Sweet deal, right?


If you love seeing me gab on the topic just watch this video:

Effective guest posting is about doing specific things with the right energy to allow opportunities to flow your way.

How it works: put in the leg work of practicing, creating and connecting for a minute and eventually an avalanche of guest posting opportunities will flow to you, without you ever pitching a soul.

Follow these tips to become an effective guest poster.

1: Practice Writing Daily

This is a simple way to improve your writing.

Improving your writing inspires friends – you make blogging buddies by following tip #3 – to invite you to guest post on their blogs.

Efficient operation.

Get really good at writing. Through practice. Gain invites to guest post, versus chasing down and pitching strangers.

Write 1000 words daily in a Word document. The topic matters not. Sure you can cover your niche. Or maybe writing about day to day stuff works for you.

In either case, just write!

Trash the Word document after you hit 1K words to detach some from your writing and to clean the slate for the following day’s writing practice.

2: Create Helpful Content

Create helpful content persistently on your blog.

This is one way to pop up on the radar of successful bloggers who invite you to guest post on their blogs.

Publish at least one post weekly. Bump that up to two posts for increased exposure.

Top bloggers notice you, your writing skills and the value you bring to the table through effective, persistent posting to your blog. Get on the radar by getting off your duff to be what you are: a blogger.

I publish 2 posts weekly on Blogging From Paradise. I also publish 1 travel page daily to my blog. Awesome way to connect with inspired bloggers for sweet guest posting gigs.

3: Connect with Top Bloggers in Your Niche

This is the difference maker.

Make blogging buddies. Never pitch again.

I only pitch bloggers if I feel an intuitive nudge to reach out and expand my horizons. But of the 1000 plus guest posts I have published I have only pitched a few bloggers.


My friends invite me to guest post on their blogs left and right.

I made friends with these bloggers through the simple actions of commenting effectively on top blogs and also helping my buddies out by promoting them on social media and through my blog.

Help people. Be a friend. Become a friend.

Making blogging buddies with a slew of top bloggers in your niche primes the guest posting efficiency pump.

Imagine if guest post opportunities came to you? How efficient is that?

The eBook

If you want to land guest posts on top blogs buy my eBook:

How to Land Guest Posts on Authority Blogs

Your Turn

How are you becoming a more efficient guest poster?

What tips can you add to this post?

How are you practicing, creating and connecting to improve your guest posting effectiveness?

Please share your thoughts below.

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