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“It’s just money.”

Most bloggers are human beings. Some say all bloggers are humans.

Most human beings grow up with really zany, totally untrue beliefs regarding money. Really batty, silly lies, based on illusion and fear.

This is why bloggers usually have a horrible time making money online.

Over the past few weeks I saw commission payments from ACX, Amazon KDP and Amazon Associates, among payments from clients. But I recall making zero dollars monthly through blogging a decade ago.

Money felt like a struggle for me because I clung to fears aka resistance concerning money. I did not monetize my blog for a minute. Then when I did monetize my blog I did a poor job branding it, dabbling in side, free platform blogs versus focusing all my attention and energy on my self hosted WordPress dot org blog.

I eventually began to make a bit of coin by embracing this phrase: “It’s just money.” Or, “It’s only money.”

I filmed a short video in New Zealand with cows over my shoulder. Watch it if you like cows, and if you want me to dive into this concept a bit deeper via video:

It Is Just Money

It is only money.

Money is a means of exchange. Money is neutral.

Money is not scarce. Money ain’t running out. Even if people appear to be broke, or even if money appears to be scarce, these silly, fear-based meme’s are illusions, appearances and totally untrue.

Accepting the “it’s only money” idea helped me feel comfortable and clear promoting my blogging courses. As I got clearer on promoting my blogging courses and services I began making more money through my blog. Getting clear was key, and getting clear happened when I faced and embraced resistance I clung to concerning money, and its meaning, or value.

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Money is only money. Money is a means of exchange. If people want something, folks pay the means of exchange called “money” to get what they want. This is the idea to embrace and believe to boost your blogging income because clear, confident bloggers promote their goods and services freely, removing the money-charge and increasing blogging profits gradually.

You Cannot Outwork Your Money Limiting Beliefs

I recall working like a dog for many years on my blog but I saw little money flow to me, through blogging.

My work could not overcome the subconscious money limiting beliefs I clung to. Like a horse being led by a carrot swinging from a string attached to its head, I could never physically touch money because I programmed myself to believe money would always be out of my reach.

But I felt the fear fueling this programming and began to convince myself; it is just money. It is only money. No big deal. Just a means of exchange.

Being casual and kinda detached about money inspired me to share valuable content, to build my friend network and to promote my premium offerings freely, without driving myself batty about the the silly concept of over-promoting your products and services. Money slowly but gradually began to flow to me through those streams and many other streams because I removed the charge from the concept and saw it as a simple, neutral, means of exchange.

Not good.

Not bad.

Just money.

It’s only money.

Remind yourself this.

All heaviness, resistance and tension you feel promoting premium offerings, from products to eBooks to services, gradually disappears into this truth. It is no big deal, just a means of exchange.

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Boost your blogging income.

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