4 Questions to Ask Before Resurrecting an Abandoned Blog

Blogging ain’t no joke.

I love blogging; don’t get me wrong. Total blast. Fun, freeing and enlightening, this medium helps you live a pretty sweet, dream life. Awesome.

But the amount of time and energy required to resurrect an abandoned blog is substantial.

I happened across a few questions today and wanted to address a common blogging question: should you resurrect an abandoned blog?

Life intervenes. Blogs grow and then need to be released due to some crises or big shift. Before you dive back into blogging it behooves you to ask a few basic questions to see if you have the stuff to grow a thriving, successful blog.

1: Do You Love Blogging?

Seriously; some bloggers avoid asking this question which befuddles me. Why devote time and energy trying to revive a blog when you do not enjoy blogging on the topic at hand?

Patiently allow your true motives to arise. Money-grubbers need not apply. Focus on your passion.

If you genuinely love blogging just dive back into the blogging game (provided you ask and answer question 4 honestly), being led by your passion.

Passionate energy fuels successful blogs.

2: What Commitment Can You Make?

Depending on your schedule now, you have to ask yourself the kind of attention and energy you can devote to your blog.

Some bloggers run successful businesses currently and simply cannot take on new projects. Other bloggers work full time and cannot give the proper attention and energy to blogging in order to grow a thriving, full time venture.

Be honest. No sense resurrecting a blog you cannot commit to 100%.

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But if you can devote ample time and energy to blogging you will have few issues getting that sucker off of the ground.

3: Do You Have the Right Mindset?

Do you have the proper blogging mindset to get the blog up and running?

Double down on your true intent; again, money grubbers or folks who want to find something to pass some time will not have success building a blog long abandoned. Honesty is the only policy here, guys.

Too many bloggers desperately grasp for abandoned blogs when suffering from money problems or other issues in life, diving back into blogging with totally fear-based, lower energy, scarcity-driven intents that all but guarantee failure. You cannot succeed with a failure-ridden mindset.

But you can succeed if you dive back into blogging with an abundant, generous, patient and persistent mindset.

4: Does the Niche Still Exist?

Even though I am huge on following your blogging passion it makes sense to assess if the niche is still relevant at the current time.

Imagine trying to resurrect a blog focused on old school, black hat tactics like keyword stuffing, link building guest posting and other strategies long gone the way of the dinosaur. No way in Hades can a blogger succeed in a niche long extinct. Google did away with sites focused on black hat strategies so such a blog should be buried in the cyber graveyard forever.

But evergreen niches like personal development and travel pretty much work now, and forever, as long as human beings exist. People want help improving their lives by improving themselves. Folks want to travel the world, too. Hop right back into these evergreen niches, no problem, and resurrect your abandoned blog.


Do you have any questions to add to this list?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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