4 Steps to Effective Content Promotion on Social Media

4 Steps to Effective Content Promotion on Social Media

4 Steps to Effective Content Promotion on Social Media

Many businesses spend huge amounts of time, energy, and resources developing content strategies that don’t live up to expectations. Obviously, this isn’t ideal or sustainable, but why do such a large number of blog posts, marketing videos, and content offers fail to resonate with a customer base? The answer –– almost invariably –– is down to poor promotion on social media. Blase, cookie-cutter, posts that don’t properly support branded content can undermine months of hard work and prevent a business from gaining the exposure that it needs (and deserves). Given that fact, here are four steps all professionals should take to ensure that their content-promotion tactics on social media are always on point:

Step #1 Measure Engagement

The first step to improving your influence on social media is to take stock of your current position. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, in reality, measuring engagement for individual posts on social media can prove quite tricky. It’s not enough to judge a given post based on the number of clicks, likes, or shares it generated –– though that is a decent place to start. Rather, marketers need to go the extra step and determine which social-media posts are generating interested leads and, of course, sales. Whether you utilize software like call-tracking technology, in-depth surveys and market research –– or a combination of the two –– it’s imperative to measure your presence on social media before you can seek to improve it.

Step # 2 Build an “Ideal” Post

No, not every post a marketing team creates will prove wildly successful. However, that doesn’t mean that professionals shouldn’t form a set of goals they want to achieve with each post. Mock up an “ideal-post” list and determine the one or two objectives you want to achieve with each social-media post. It may simply be to engage consumers in a target market; or to contain multiple “clickable” elements. Keep in mind that a post doesn’t have to catch fire and go viral to prove effective.

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Step #3 Incentivize

Experienced marketers understand that if you want someone to take time out of their day to click on a branded post, you have to give them a quality reason to do so. Promise insightful tips, a compelling narrative, half off your next order, free shipping etc. –– just make sure you promise something in each post. You’ve taken the time to create amazing content. Let your consumers know what they’ll get by interacting with it!

Step #4 Adjust Constantly

Businesses that enjoy high conversion rates and engagement on their social media posts don’t adopt a set-it-and-forget-it mentality in regard to their campaigns. Instead, progressive marketers are always looking for ways to enhance their efforts on social media. Remember, even minor adjustments in ad text, post length, or style could make a huge difference for your results.

Final Thoughts

Whether your company offers chimney repair services or manufactures water-filtration devices, every business can find profitable opportunities on social media. Just make it a point to follow these four steps and your website will be sure to experience an uptick in traffic!

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