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My wife and I have two children, and our older child recently reached the dreaded “terrible twos.” Toddlers are known for being noisy, messy, destructive, adventurous, boisterous, and adorable—but did you know toddlers can teach us a thing or two about being better salespeople? 

Toddlers are natural salespeople. They’re curious, they’re engaging, and they love hugs. Sometimes they can be cranky and messy (just like adult salespeople!), but mostly they are trying very hard to learn and get better, and—in their own small way—make a positive difference in the world. 

Here are a few lessons I learned about sales from my two-year-old child: 

1. Don’t take “no” for an answer 

Toddlers are often known for having tantrums—and, wow, those tantrums are often incredibly stressful to sit through. But what do these tantrums really mean?

Toddlers’ brains are still developing at that age. Their sense of fairness and their sense of self is often being challenged. They’re learning the limits of the world around them. They’re surrounded by larger people telling them what to do, and these people can physically pick them up and carry them out of the room if they don’t comply with directions. It must be stressful, right?? No wonder toddlers throw tantrums. 

As salespeople, it’s not okay to throw tantrums, of course. But we can learn something from the persistence of toddlers—they often don’t hear the word “no.” They will keep trying to do what interests them, and keep trying to do whatever seems fun or rewarding in the moment, even if other people say “no.” As a salesperson, you have to get used to hearing the word “no” all the time—but don’t let it discourage you. Keep trying to build relationships, keep asking good questions, keep trying to find the underlying reasons for the customer’s objection, and try to find a way to “yes.” 

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2. Work alone or as a team 

Toddlers are so fun to watch in a play group, because they have their own little world of making friends and playing in parallel; some of them, even at that young age, are more likely to be loners or more eager to make friends. Whether it’s “circle time” or nap time, toddlers are learning how to get along with others and make their way in the world. 

Salespeople are like toddlers in this way, too. There are aspects of the sales process that require intense teamwork, and there are times as a salesperson where you have to go it alone, making the calls and putting in the added effort by yourself. Salespeople have to be versatile in the way they build relationships and add value within an organization. Some days you have to be a superstar individual contributor, and others you have to be a team player. 

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