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4 Tools to Find Trending Subreddits

Reddit is the content marketer’s goldmine: It inspires viral content, shows you what people seem to love sharing and offers a great venue to market content to get it discovered by journalists and bloggers.

Building up your Reddit presence is tough: There are no shortcuts and Reddit Karma is fast to lose and time-consuming to establish. Participating in trending Subreddits allows you to easier interact and better understand what’s hot today!

Here are four tools to easily discover trending Subreddits:

Reddit Metrics

Reddit Metrics

Reddit Metrics is your first source of Reddit trends. It breaks subreddits into:

  • Fastest growing
  • Trending non-default subreddits (those that new users are not subscribed to by default when they join. Naturally, default subreddits will often be trending because they acquire subscribers as new users join)
  • Top new reddits

Each subreddit has a graph showing its growth scale. You can compare any indexed subreddit growth with 4 more subreddits to analyze the trend better:

Reddit Metrics


r/TrendingReddits is scanning Reddit all day long with an aim to detect spikes in subscriber count early (powered by Trending reddits are posted there all day long.


Here you’ll see “mildly-trending” subreddits (those that acquire ~200-600 subscribers per day) and “trending” subreddits.

If you are interested in discovering trending subreddits on a daily basis, this subreddit is a must to subscribe



Snoopsnoo is a cool way to search new and trending subreddits. They have cool search operators too:

  • [topic:] to limit subreddit search by topic
  • [subscribers<xxx] to limit subreddit search by how many people are subscribed to each
  • [over18:false] to limit subreddit search to those that are safe for work.

They also track trending subreddits here.

Reddit List

Reddit List

Finally, Reddit List is a great way to discover cool subreddits and it also tracks Reddit trends. Clicking “i” next to each subreddit name will show the subreddit description, growth rate and activity:

Reddit List

How to join a new subreddit: Checklist

If you decide to try a new subreddit, here’s your quick checklist to always do that right:

  • Subscribe to the subreddit (Tip: You may want to unsubscribe from some defaults to clear up your home feed a bit)
  • Find and read all the rules. Religiously. All subreddits have different rules which you often find in the right-hand sidebar.
  • Browse the popular stories and read the comments (To get a better feel of what people like to discuss here)
  • Check “Controversial” stories to better understand what to stay away from (at least for a while)
  • Post comments
  • Try submitting something (The last thing you want to do!)

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