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Product Name: 400+ Easy Low Carb 30 Minute Meals – Low Carb Meal Ideas

Click here to get 400+ Easy Low Carb 30 Minute Meals – Low Carb Meal Ideas at discounted price while it’s still available…

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From The Leading Food Writer Angela DrewMinneapolis, MN

Sit down, turn off your cell phone and take 2-minutes out of your busy day to read this very important health article…

Let’s get serious for a second…

Are You Getting BORED With Your Diet Plan?

… or are you TIRED of hiding the fact that you eat “FORBIDDEN” food items like bread, potatoes, pizza, cereal, ice cream, cakes, among all those other tempting foods?

When you look at the mirror this morning did you see a fit, lean, and healthy body, or…

… Did you see an ever-growing stomach, soft, “flabby” fat, and a body that’s become weak, tired and soft?

What goes through your mind as you look at yourself?

Are you happy with the way you look and feel, or…

… Are you FRUSTRATED by your life, with your lack of health, and with your inability to lose weight and keep it off?

Do you mumble to yourself, “What the hell? How did I get to look and feel like this?”

How many times have you promised yourself you were going to LOSE weight, and maybe even did, but then put it all back on… and MORE?

Losing weight and keeping it off has been a struggle for me for years… especially with a few back-to-back pregnancies.

… Mainly, it’s because of 2 reasons:

1. We have a BUSY LIFESTYLE with work & family – which means you never have time to eat right or go to the gym… OR

2. We eat UNHEALTHY, convenient fast food – because it’s WAY cheaper than healthy food… Am I right?

I used to follow the diet gurus like a lost sheep…

When I look back at those times it’s like I was being herded. Like I was a lost sheep blindly following wherever the diet gurus and their fancy plans drove me — even though time and time again I ended up right back where I started.

I was trapped in a pit, depressed and a little bit FATTER than when I started…

Maybe you’ve felt this too…

After trying countless “Diets”, gimmicky fat burner supplements, it all ended in 2012 thanks to a fellow dietary expert named Ken Gales.

He helped me dig out of a deep pit most chronic “dieters” feel trapped in and hook me up with the low carb way of eating…

From that day onwards, I became a BIG fan of low carb diet and NEVER looked back.

Losing 110 pounds on a low-carb lifestyle in just 11 months wasn’t a MIRACLE… it was constant mindfulness and hard work.

Let me say it Loud and Clear: I am a huge believer in Low Carb Eating. WHY?

Because… Low Carb Diet Really Works!

For me it was clear that for weight loss SUCCESS, the Low Carb is the way to go.

Are you ready to Lose 60 POUNDS in 6 Months?… Then

… stop starving yourself or KILLING yourself at the Gym… Kick-Start your diet plan with Low Carb Meals!

Low Carb 30 Minute Meals Cookbook brings you more than “400 Healthy Low Carb Recipes” from Dinner to Dessert that allow you to enjoy your favorite foods WITHOUT the guilt!

These low carb recipes specially designed to Burn Fat, Build Muscle, and Get You Lean.

They’re LOW CARB, great tasting and they all take 30 MINUTES or LESS to prepare.

This is NOT, for the most part, a gourmet cookbook, which means that the recipes you find here are recipes you’ll actually use.

I have organized the recipes BRILLIANTLY so you can find everything you’re looking for in NO TIME.

You can browse the Low Carb recipe collection on your Mac, PC, Tablet and even your smart phone or eReaders.

These recipes are incredibly easy to prepare, using ingredients you can find in any supermarket.

Time is precious and most of us have a limited amount of it to spend on cooking, but we still want to Eat and Serve Healthy and Delicious Food.

But luckily now there’s good news…

Let me make you an EXPERT in the kitchen with my easy to make Low Carb Recipes.

You’ll find dozens of exciting ways to vary a hamburger, a steak, pork chops, chicken, and even fish.

You’ll find a wide variety of side dishes and salads.

You’ll find snacks and party foods that you can eat without feeling like you’re depriving yourself.

You’ll even find recipes for bread—really, truly bread—not to mention muffins, waffles, and pancakes. In short, this book has recipes for all sorts of things you never dreamed you could have on a low-carb diet.

Now you can actually enjoy ALL the foods you like to eat and still get into shape.

You don’t have to be a trained chef to cook low carb meals because these 30-minute meals are healthy, easy to cook and varied enough to address your every craving.

My easy to follow directions will make you an expert culinary aficionado.

All ingredients are carefully researched both for taste and for their health effects.

A low-carb diet limits carbohydrates from your diet and increase your protein and fat intake.

Most people who go on low carb diets was able to Lose 60 Pounds in Only 6 Months.

23 randomized, controlled studies showed that a low-carb diet causes 2-3 times more weight loss as the standard low-fat diet that we’re still being told to follow.

Also in a recent research published in the Lancet, they found that people eating HIGH quantities of Carbohydrates had a nearly 30% higher risk of dying during the study than people eating a low-carb diet.

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Are You “CONVINCED” Yet? Here’s MORE…

If carbs are your problem, then they’re going to be your problem tomorrow, next week, next year, and even when you’re old and gray.

When you consume carbohydrates, they are converted into glucose by your body.

The pancreas then secretes insulin (or it may need to be injected) to reduce the blood glucose levels. Insulin is our fat STORING hormone and fat burning is switched off.

If we have very little amounts of carbohydrates in our diet, we require less insulin, and therefore store less fat and able to burn fat.

There’s a lot to consider when cutting carbs.

Complex carbohydrates provide your body with energy, so you don’t want to cut them out entirely.

You cannot think in terms of going on a low-carb diet, losing your weight, and then going off your diet—you’ll gain back every ounce just as sure as you’re born.

New research suggests that CARBS—NOT FAT—is the bigger contributing factor to Heart Disease.

You’ll also go back to blood-sugar swings, energy crashes, and nagging, insatiable hunger, not to mention all the health risks of hyperinsulinemia. In short, you are in this for life.

So if you are to have any hope of doing this forever, you’re going to need to enjoy your food.

You’re going to need variety, flavor, color, and interest.

You’re going to need festive dishes, easy dishes, and comfort foods—a whole world of things to eat.

Because of this, I’ve included everything from very low-carb dishes, suitable for folks in the early, very low-carb “induction” stage of their diet, to “splurge” dishes, which would probably make most of us gain weight if we ate them every day but which still have far fewer carbs than their “normal” counterparts.

Yes, you would. Can you believe it has less than 10 grams of usable carbs?

In fact, EVERY recipe in this book contains less than 10 grams of usable carbs.

You’ll find lots of meals you can cook on the stove top in a simple skillet and plenty of salads you can make ahead and stash in the refrigerator, ready to be pulled out and served when you dash in the door at a quarter-to-dinnertime.

You’ll find many one-dish meals that are protein and vegetables combined, from main dish salads to thick, hearty soups to casseroles.

You’ll also find ethnic flavors from around the world right alongside comfort foods you won’t believe are low carb!

Did you EVER notice how expensive the “healthy” and “low carb” food items are in the grocery stores?

Since they are “specialty” items, processed specifically for a targeted group, they cost so much more than the regular food items.

Well, with the recipes in the Low Carb 30 Minute Meals, you can save a TON of money by making them yourself! It’s easy!

Eating Low Carb meals regularly reduces FAT production and turns your body into a Fat Burning Machine.

There are many health benefits, at all ages. Here are some of the MAIN benefits you will experience…

Do you know that excess weight places you at risk for all kinds of health problems that can be prevented or delayed?

Every day you postpone taking action to shed those unwanted pounds is another day of being careless with your life.

Don’t procrastinate when your health is at stake, but get that information you need to get started now!

Let us help you help yourself …

This cookbook will teach you a number of ways to combine these things, and you should try them all.

However, I do have this to say: Always, always, always the heart and soul of your low-carbohydrate diet should be meat, fish, poultry, eggs, healthy fats, and low carb vegetables.

Don’t just find one or two recipes that you like and make them over and over.

Try at least one new recipe every week; that way, within a few months you’ll have a whole new repertoire of familiar low carb favorites!

Whatever you love and yet must stay clear of, I have delicious alternatives for you.

ALL of my recipes have a carb count of no more than 10 carbs per serving .

With every recipe, we’ve included the carb count so you’ll know exactly what’s in each serving.

Now, given the amazing results and all the buzz about eating LOW CARB way, you’d think it would be a breeze to stay on it, right?

… But what’s the most common reason that people abandon their low-carb way of eating and all the health benefits and weight loss that come with it?

After a few weeks of scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast, a hamburger with no bun for lunch, and a steak—no baked potato—for dinner, day after day, people get fed up and quit.

They just can’t face a life of food monotony. Does this sound familiar?

Imagine your life with MORE energy, a body you are proud to look at in the mirror, and NO more scolding from your doctor, or worried about your health…

Imagine seeing and feeling more POSITIVE changes in your body and health than most people see in years of other “diets”? It happens all the time…

Because you’re finally getting ALL the vitamins, minerals, protein, fats and low carbohydrates that maintain the health of every organ in our body.

I can’t tell you how to plan your menus.

I can, however, give you a few pointers on what you’ll find here that may make your meal planning easier.

There are a lot of one-dish meals in this book—main dish salads, skillet suppers that include both meat and vegetables, and hearty soups that are a full meal in a bowl.

I include these because they’re some of my favorite foods, and to my mind, they’re about the simplest way to eat.

I also think they lend a FAR GREATER VARIETY to low-carb cuisine than is possible if you’re trying to divide up your carbohydrate allowance for a given meal among three or four different dishes.

If you have a carb-eating family, you can appease them by serving something on the side, such as whole wheat pitas split in half and toasted, along with garlic butter, brown rice, a baked potato, or some noodles.

There’s one other thing I hope this book teaches you to do, and that’s break out of your old ways of looking at food.

There’s no law insisting that you eat eggs only for breakfast, have tuna salad for lunch every day, and serve some sort of meat and two side dishes for dinner.


Are you short on both time and money?Serve eggs for dinner a couple of nights a week; they’re fast, cheap, and unbelievably nutritious.

Are you planning a family video night or game night?Skip dinner and make two or three healthy snack foods to nibble on.

You just can’t face another fried egg at breakfast?Throw a pork chop or a hamburger on the electric tabletop grill and you’ve got a fast and easy breakfast.

Are you sick of salads for lunch?Take a protein-rich dip in a snap-top container and some cut up vegetables to work with you.

Are you counting calories?Do not count calories or weigh your food. And just forget about industrially produced low-fat products.

Time saving tipCook more than you need and put the leftovers in your freezer. That way you’ll always have a satiating low-carb meal waiting for you when you need it.

Is it possible to lose 60 lbs in only 6 months on Low Carb 30 Minute Meals?

Just take a look at some of the inspiring before/after transformation photos they have sent us:

“Thank you so much for this Angie! I love this cookbook. The meals I made using these recipes came out delicious and my husband thought they were just GREAT. Already after two weeks I felt a great difference. These low carb recipes were just what I have been looking for!” ~ Lotta J -Louisville, KY

“This is a fabulous cookbook even if you aren’t on a low carb diet. The recipes I’ve tried are all excellent. I’ve lost 30 pounds on this diet and the book has helped me through plateaus and kept me from getting bored. I got energy that I didn’t know existed and the pounds melted off!” ~ Anna M -Chicago, IL

“Meat Loaf, Basic Quiche, Southern style smothered pork-chops, Spinach with a Whiff of garlic, Asparagus with zesty herbs, Father Sarducci’s Cheese cake, Creme Fraiche Ice Cream – these are a few of the 400 recipes in this remarkable book.” ~ Rikki S -San Francisco, CA

“Losing 80 pounds on low carb diet hasn’t just meant a smaller size on my clothing labels and all the health benefits that go along with that, it has given me so much more energy and thirst for life. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes!” ~ Vanessa O -Cedar Rapids, IA

You can burn stored body fat for energy and shed excess weight by reducing the carbohydrate intake in your diet…

When you take into consideration the TIME and EFFORT put into this eBook, then can assume that the price is going to be high.

I figured i’d start at this low price and keep it there until I simply could not keep up with the volume of customer support emails (I get a lot of ‘thank you!’ emails and I think it’s only right to answer them all.)

Plus, this is not some super-fancy cookbook with a million-dollar publisher’s ad budget. This is just a simple, comprehensive, and to-the-point e-book that will give you ALL the Healthy and Delicious LOW CARB Meals you need.

I have made this simple step-by-step 30-Day Low Carb Meal Planner to help you easily get started in your new healthy way of eating. There will be no sugars, no grains, no gluten and no processed food. You’ll find variety of recipes from breakfast, lunch and dinner which you can enjoy for 30 days and stay healthy.

Check out this guide to low carb eating, including over 40 healthy foods that will fill your diet while keeping blood glucose down. This includes meats, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, fats, dairy, nuts, seeds, beverages, herbs and spices and will tell you what food to eat, what food to avoid which will help you make the right choices.

Please Remember this Cookbook is in high demand…

So here’s what you need to do… Just click the “Add To Cart” button below and download the Low Carb 30 Minute Meals cookbook, available on your computer, phone, or tablet in less than 2 minutes from right now.

1. Ignore this opportunity for revitalizing transformation and keep the same declining body you have now.

2. Download the complete Low Carb 30 Minute Meals cookbook, discover how to lose 60 pounds, and look like a brand new person in less than 6 months.

It’s time to take action and invest in your health…

I want to take advantage of the Low Carb 30 Minute Meals cookbook and I want to order my copy now!

I understand that by placing my secure order today, I will be getting instant access to this AWESOME eBook.

I understand I have nothing to lose with your 60 day money back guarantee. If I am not 100% delighted, all I need to do is let you know within 60 days and I will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Digital delivery via secure member’s area.

100% Secure. You will receive instant access, any time, day or night.

You have waited long enough, the time is NOW to take control and make a change for a Healthier YOU!

Low Carb 30 Minute Meals will help you KICK START your new low carb way of eating, and if you have been low carb for a while, makes life just that little easier.

I truly look forward to hearing about your weight loss success using my Low Carb 30 Minute Meals cookbook.

PLEASE NOTE: This ecookbook is a DIGITAL, DOWNLOADABLE file and come in PDF format! You will need the free Acrobat Reader program to read the ecookbook if you don’t already have a program on your computer, tablet or phone to open PDF files. You can get a FREE copy of the Acrobat program now by going here.

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Click here to get 400+ Easy Low Carb 30 Minute Meals – Low Carb Meal Ideas at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

400+ Easy Low Carb 30 Minute Meals – Low Carb Meal Ideas is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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