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Did you know that your falling sales may have a lot to do with your falling SEO rankings?

The world of search engine optimization (SEO) has ever changing dynamics. What may have worked well for your website’s SEO in the past may no longer be relevant today. SEO Agencies keep updating their client’s content to ensure they retain their SEO superiority. People have short attention spans and if your products are listed way too below the search engine rankings, you are unlikely to have a positive impact on your overall sales.

When choosing the right search engine optimization agency, businesses often focus just on affordable SEO services. While affordability is great, SEO is a constant work in progress and should not be seen through the prism of affordability alone. If short on funds make use of these advanced SEO Techniques to retain your ranking and boosting back your sales.

1: Make your content RankBrain-ready

Make your content fresh, interactive, colorful and exciting. While you may have heard of all these make your content RankBrain ready is the big secret no one told you, up until now.

RankBrain is an essential component of Google’s core SEO algorithm. Based on machine learning, Rankbrain is the one which ranks the overall worthiness of your content. So if the number of people retained on your page is high, RankBrain gets the signal that users like what they see on your website and helps it in higher ranking. Similarly improving your organic click-through rate (CTR) is a key aspect which RankBrain loves. Poor title tags and meta descriptions can lead to a poor CTR and a lower rank.

2: Speed load your website

You can hire the best SEO Company, make your website fully compatible and SEO friendly, have great keywords but with a poor loading website, it is just not going to be worth it. A slowly loading website is likely to have a higher bounce rate. The search engine understands the bounce rate as unhappy users and hence a push down the rankings. If you are already facing poor sales, hire the services of an affordable SEO services company and evaluate speed examination on your website.

3: Link blog and products on sale

Does your website ranks high in terms of it’s inter linking? Are you able to send potential users to the product page from multiple channels like your blogs, social media platforms and tweets? If not, it is time to reevaluate your internal linking. One big advantage of working with SEO companies is that they ensure high interlink ability not just between content but also content and products.

4: Keep checking SEO responsiveness

You may have heard on mobile responsiveness a lot in the recent past. With the world preferring mobile devices to buy products, having a mobile responsive site helps in overall SEO ratings. Create Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) improve your chances of retaining users. If on a budget and not working with a SEO company full time many SEO agencies offer services to check and evaluate SEO responsiveness for a fee.

5: Fix broken links

Fix all broken links to ensure you are sending users to your products page. Linking from the product page to a blog post for example can lead to a crawl or 404 errors if you remove the blog post. Ideally there should be no broken links to ensure high user time on your website. You can also make use of Google Search Console to check your broken links.

Last Word: SEO is a constant work in progress and these advanced techniques can help you retain your SEO superiority.

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