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If you are running a website for digital marketing, apart from quality content, you need to optimize your site. For website optimization, there are several things you need to consider, and one of them is the keyword search. Keyword search help find the desired data without spending much time on online surfing. You can even get these best SEO tools at one reliable place on the internet as well, to keep tracking your SEO issues and make it better.

Apart from that, you also need to monitor your website ranking and remove any unwanted errors that prevent the visitors from reaching the site. With SEO tools, you can improve your website ranking and remain in the flow. Although several SEO tools are available, you need to pay for most of them, so we have prepared a guide on 5 best free SEO tools 2020 to improve your website ranking. Let’s have a look at them:

1.    Seo audit for free – Ubersuggest

One of the best free keywords search tools, Ubersuggest provides a list of words which have both rich and low competitor search. You can get the best keywords related to your search and get a suggestion of words and even download the list in pdf format.

One of the fantastic features of Ubersuggest is that you can get keywords as per the target country. Just click on the search tool with domain and target country. It will give you the best-suited keywords related to the country.

Website Analysis: Apart from that, it also gives an insight into the website ranking so that you can check the progress of your competitors. It helps you make your content visible on Google, Bing, and Yahoo without any interruption.

Check Competitor backlink: Apart from getting information on your website backlinks, you can also spy on the competitor’s backlinks. It also allows you to explore social platforms for your web page.

2.    Free SEO checker – Woorank

Another amazing SEO checker and audit tool Woorank is simple and easy to use. Use a free trial version of Woorank to improve your ranking for 14 days. The features you get with Woorank are:

WooRank Projects: You can place all your SEO data in one place and get access to it when needed. Either download the projects in pdf or slides while sending it to your boss or clients. You can also keep track of your competitors as well as your ranking.

Keyword Tool: Get suitable keywords for your website content. You can also get information about your ranking as compared to your competitors in terms of keywords search. With a day to day ranking, you can have an overview of your site performance.

Site Crawl: It fixes any error in your content and ensures that search engines make your content available in search results. You can also get the error information as it sends the report to respective authorities.

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SEO Monitoring: Get all the relevant information about your website ranking, keywords search in one glance. Any decline in website ranking, you are notified with an e-mail for instant recovery.

Sales Tool: You can get unlimited website reviews and generate more visitors and clients with your extraordinary explanatory skills.

WooRank Extension: Check your website optimization and look for suggestions on how to improve your website.

3.    Seo Keyword Volume Search free – Keyword Surfer

With Keyword Surfer, get a more straightforward, faster, and comprehensive SEO process. Enter your domain and click on the keyword search to get your task done. With more than 500+ pages analyzed in one go, you can get a fantastic collection of keywords. This reduces the efforts we do on manual keywords selection for our website.

SERP Analyzer: It allows you to get an overview of your website from an expert’s point of view. With the three-step approach, i.e., Discovering optimum keywords, comparing page for competition, and find linking opportunities for the website, increase the ranking of your website.

Content Editor: It allows you to give a perfect finish to your content by providing you the keywords included in competitors’ content. It helps you enhance the quality of your content, along with the best keywords suggestions.

Keywords Research: With Surfer get a useful collection of words It also gives you the percentage of top websites using similar terms in their search. It also provides a suggestion of questions that visitors ask regarding the topic in the question portion.

4.    Check Domain Authority – Moz

Moz is not a free SEO search tool, but yes, you can check the working with a free trial version. So this is a way to decide whether you should select it for future use or not.  It is a Chrome-based software so you can install on your desktop and join with Chrome Extensions for better working. But before finalizing your decision have a look at the features you get with Moz:

Site Audits: Apart from enhancing quality, you can also fix errors on the website. You might have some issues on the website, which reduces traffic to the website; Moz also resolves all these issues. Whether it is missing title tags, broken redirects, get your questions resolved here.

Rank Tracking: If you want to know whether your keywords are effective in bringing visitors to the website or not, you can find it here. The rank tracking helps you check the performance of your keywords along with the competitor’s search.

Backlink Analysis: With Backlink analysis, remove all the spam links to your website and filter the authentic one. Give a thorough look at your website links and anchor text for better competition with others and survive in the stream.

Keywords Search: Getting the right keyword is not an easy task and far difficult with manual handling. With Moz, you can reduce the time and effort to select the best keywords linked to your website content. Enter the domain of your search and get a list of keywords.

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5.    Best SEO analysis tools – Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you an insight into how you can create a better link with your customers. Whether you are running a small business or an informative website, how effectively you can connect to the visitors.

  • At Google Analytics, get a better understanding of your website, evaluate marketing performance and content.
  • With the machine learning capability of Google analytics, Use your data in the best possible way.
  • The Google analytics works with publishers to give you an idea of which customers to reach.
  • Once your data is processed through Google Analytics, you can share the data with the users and customers.


  1. What are SEO tools?

They are web-based or desktop enabled tools that help you optimize your website for search engines. It helps you make your website accessible and visible to most users.

  1. Why use SEO tools?

Although you need to create high-quality content for your website, SEO tools help you optimize your site in the best presentable way.

  1. What are Google SEO tools?

SEO tools that are specified for Google search engine like Google Analytics, Webmaster, etc.

  1. How to use SEO tools for the website?

If you are starting a new website, link your website to Google. And if you already have a website, search it on the SEO tool. Whether you want to check your ranking, find keywords for content, do it in just a single step.

  1. How do SEO tools work?

It provides information on the keywords for the website along with the ranking. Apart from that, it also provides insight into fixing the website errors.

  1. What are the SEO audit tools?

It provides information on the working performance of keywords of a website. You can also check your competitor’s ranking with SEO audit tools.

  1. Can we do SEO for free in 2020?

Yes, there are few free SEO tools available, which gives you free services like Ubersuggest, WooRank, etc. Google Analytics provides free assistance on 500 million views on a page.

  1. Are those SEO tools accurate or just making estimations?

Most of the SEO tools are accurate and worth using. SEO tools carefully monitors the website ranking to provide accurate information for comparion.

  1. Should we always depend on SEO tools?

With the amount of data increasing each passing day, it is a necessity to depend on SEO tools. But be careful to select the right SEO tool as using a spam tool can do more harm than good.

  1. Do we go with free SEO tools or paid SEO tools?

Several free SEO tools are present, offering quality services. But free SEO tools offer fewer services as compared to paid tools.

  1. What are some SEO tools for beginners?

Some of the useful SEO tools for beginners are:

  • Google Analytics
  • ProofHub for Managing Work
  • Open Site Explorer
  • SEO by Yoast
  • Google Webmaster Tool

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