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Working from home: a dream of everyone.

We all want a simple and easy life where there is no boss, no headache, no project deadlines, no late night duties and no time constraint.

We are moving towards a new trend where people are adopting blogging or work from home as the first priority to make their life simpler and be their own boss. A life where we can do our business by sitting in any part of the world…. a business which is not any country-specific… a business where we are our own boss…

I started this blogging business 2 years back, and things were looking very easy when I started. As I  started moving ahead and tried various methods to make money online, things started revealing.

Things which were looking theoretically too much easy took too much time to execute practically.

Disadvantages of Working From Home

Here I am going to make you aware about few of the disadvantages which we as a work-from-home guy/girl face.

Note: My intention here is not to demotivate you or make you feel lower if you are doing any home-based business. My 100% intention here is to make you realize few of the things which we as a blogger are facing.

1. We Become Health Unconscious

This is the very first disadvantage of working from home. We become so much busy in making money online or in other words, we can say dedication for work, and we forget about our health.

We start spending more time in front of the computer, and after few months we become accustomed adopting this daily routine.

We become so busy that most of the times we forget about our health priorities.

Same happened to me when I started my business 2 years back. I was too much busy with my projects, so I stopped taking care of my health. I was so busy in making my blog successful that I was not even aware of my health.

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I checked my weight around 6 months back, and my mouth was wide open when I saw that reading meter.

52 KG.


Only 52 KG?

That day I realized that I am losing something big in my life.

Something very big.

In the race of making more money online, I am losing myself.

This happens with all of us.

Either we start getting more weight or start losing it… Having cervical pain issue is also becoming very popular these days, and I am seeing many bloggers on social media sites talking about such issues.

2. We Become Addicted to Social Sites

We all are addicted to use Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and few other social sites to get in touch with our family members and friends.

Where one side these platforms are connecting people across the boundaries, on the other side they are disconnecting us from real friends. I have seen people who are more worried about their Facebook friends as compared to their real friends.

So we are just making us more occupied on social media sites.

3. Distraction

All work from home people have something in common.

Common habit to work in the same room where our family is staying. We avoid making office because it needs time and too much extra care.

So when you are working from home then we see lots of distractions.. it might be your parents assigning any duty to you, guest coming at your home, friends calling you to have fun or it might be your children who keep asking for your help.

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4. Too Much Workload

We are our own boss….

So we are responsible for taking care everything.

When I was in a job, I found that despite of working regular 9 to 5 job I was spending 10-12 hours in my company and still our project manager was not satisfied with our dedication.

I decided to quit my job and started working on my blogs.

But what?

Now I was spending 15-16 hours in a day to build my blogs. I was so much occupied in my blog’s maintenance that I found myself buried under the pile of work.

So we as a blogger are facing this problem as we are doing too much activities online and managing all together at ourself.

5. Isolation From Society

I hate this.

In 90% of the cases, bloggers isolate themselves from the society and start spending most of their time in front of an idiot box called computer/laptop.

We might be spending this time in reading other blogs and to learn more about blogging or building our own blogs, but at the end, we are making ourself more busy to learn new things and grow our websites.

Final Words

These are few of the personal feeling that forced me thought about the disadvantages of working from home. After analyzing my life very carefully, I was able to figure out them and started taking care of these small activities and now working on them to make my life much better.

If you can help me to find another disadvantage then I would like to have a look on them and then work on them to convert into advantages.

Image Credit: DavidMartynHunt

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