5 Must-Have Shopify Apps for 2019 – Times Square Chronicles

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Running an ecommerce business is a challenging task. It requires strong motivation, knowledge and a great tools’ arsenal. 

From all three components mentioned above, only the decent toolkit for your business can be collected and modified easily. 

Today, I’m going to look at the 5 best Shopify app that I believe will enrich your business toolkit and will help you sell more on this popular ecommerce platform. 

The 5 Best Shopify Apps for Your Store 

The following apps are well-executed solutions for your ecommerce needs. So take a look at this selection! 

1. Omnisend 

This marketing automation platform has been selected for many awards in 2019, including GetApp.com, Capterra, G2Crowd, etc. It’s also #1-rated email marketing platform on the Shopify App Store. That wouldn’t happen without a good reason. 

Omnisend is a comprehensive solution for your smooth and uninterrupted ecommerce communication. Starting with targeted email messages, text messages, ending with targeted Facebook as well as Google ads, instant conversations, etc. 

Omnisend enables businesses to reach their customers via multiple channels and provide them with a seamless omnichannel experience. 

None of the generic email marketing tools can do that. So if you are ready to graduate from bulk email campaigns to a highly relevant, personalized communication, Omnisend should be your choice. 

2. LoyaltyLion 

By adding a loyalty program to your ecommerce store, you can boost your customer retention. It’s important because loyal customers tend to pay more. As a matter of fact, keeping loyal customers also cost you significantly cheaper than acquiring new ones. 

The LoyaltyLion program offers points for activty on your website. For example, a signup for a newsletter, Facebook likes, social referrals – all these and even more simple actions award customers with points that can be redeemed at your store. 

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The big benefit of this app is that stores with 100 or fewer sales per month can use this program free of charge. 

3. Gleam 

This is one more great marketing and awareness-raising tool. 

Basically, it does one thing – it provides contests for the online community. Gleam has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows you to design any competition to meet your ecommerce business needs: boost signups, sales, or social followers. 

The list of action types that you can use for your contest is very long. The list of email marketing providers that have a smooth integration with this app, as well. 

People love competitions. So why shouldn’t you take advantage of it and organize one for your customers? 

4. SEO Manager 

Nowadays you can’t be a successful ecommerce business without looking good for search engines. 

SEO Manager is a great solution that comes to help you with the search engine optimization. 

Likewise Omnisend, this tool pays a lot of attention to customer support, so you won’t have any troubles with installing or using it. 

Seo Manager has over 20 features, 15 of which are unique to SEO Manager. With this solution, you can do simple things like editing titles or descriptions, as well as use more advanced features like extended meta settings, redirections, etc. 

5. Veeqo 

Veeqo is a great solution that allows you to centralize your shipping process by synchronizing multiple sales channels on one platform. 

With Veeqo you can save a lot of your time. This solution can generate shipping labels in bulk for any of your orders from any of your selling channels. 

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On this platform, you can also set up automation that

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