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Running a website isn’t an easy business. It has many challenges you must overcome to survive the saturated market. Your SEO, reach, and content are things you need to deal with if you want to boost your site’s traffic.

You can do these yourself. But it would take lots of time and effort to pull it off correctly. Good thing some tools help you with just that. Here are the best niche site tools that’ll increase your traffic and conversion rates.

1. LongTailPro


Long Tail Pro is a keyword research app that helps you find the right keywords. It helps your site rank higher and gets more sales. Long Tail Pro has gone a long way since 2014. And things have gotten better as it now runs in the cloud. It supports Windows or Mac platforms, but not mobile devices.

Top Features

  • Keyword Competitiveness – It lets you choose the best keywords for your site. It shows you a list of keywords, ranging from the easiest to the most difficult ones. LTP does this quickly, saving you lots of time.
  • Rank Checker – This feature lets you check the keyword’s ranking in different search engines. It enables you to know if the keywords are beneficial to your site. You can even check multiple keywords at once.


The user experience is great because its interface is professional-looking. The keyword research feature is useful in increasing your site’s visitors. It also has excellent tech support you can contact 24/7.


Its $37 per month price is overpriced for a keyword research tool. You also can’t access it using mobile devices. It’s a massive turn down if you’re on-the-go.

2. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is for you if increasing your site’s traffic is your primary concern. This app is excellent for small and medium-sized businesses. Aside from being a backlink checker tool, Ahrefs can also monitor your SEO campaigns. It might not seem much, but it’s a fully loaded tool!

Top Features

  • Site Explorer – It monitors your competitor’s performance by checking their keywords and SEO strategy. This helps you analyze your site’s backlinks so that you can outcompete other sites.
  • Site Audit – This feature examines your site’s health and searches for SEO issues so you can fix it immediately. It also notifies you if you gained or lost new backlinks and mentions.
  • Content Explorer – It searches the most shared and viewed content on social media. This helps you know what kind of content you’ll be creating or sharing next time.
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Ahrefs has a great crawling and ad-hoc keyword research capability. This is useful for increasing conversion rates and keeping track of your competitors. You can easily compare your site’s performance with others through this tool.


It lacks any built-in keyword management feature. This makes it hard for you to organize your keywords according to health. Its SEO reporting capability and user-interface are also limited.

3. Ninja Outreach

 ninja outreach

Ninja Outreach is every marketer’s dream. It’s a great tool to develop your influencer marketing campaign thanks to its rich outreach capabilities. Searching for influencers is made easier with this one. You can even organize them on different lists that have corresponding email templates.

Top Features

  • Prospecting – It gives you a full overview of all your prospects that contains their every detail. You can edit your prospects and contact them without any hassle.
  • Template Management – This lets you create customizable email templates you can use for a specific list or prospect. This makes communicating easier.


Ninja Outreach lets you can quickly search for relevant bloggers and influencers. It makes prospecting easier because you can quickly go through them. It searches smartly as it connects you with people in your same niche.


You can’t send multiple emails at once with the standard blogger plan. You need to upgrade to a more expensive package to send emails automatically.

4. Time Doctor

 time doctor

Time Doctor lets you keep track of your workers. It’s a time tracking, and project management app rolled into one. The app is perfect for boosting your site’s and workers productivity.

Top Features

  • Time Tracking – It accurately tracks the amount of working time spent by your workers. It does this in a non-invasive way as it hides in the background.
  • Web and App Monitoring – It presents you detailed insights on how you spend your time. You can also use this to create a more productive schedule.
  • Client Login – This improves transparency as it gives clients access to your workers’ screenshots and working time.
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TimeDoctor is an in-depth employee monitoring tool that boosts your team’s productivity. It does this without sacrificing privacy because you always have an option on which you’d like like to log.


The interface is dated and boring. You need to install the desktop app to use the stopwatch feature. The Chrome extension can also cause your system to lag.

5. AgoraPulse


Then there’s AgoraPulse, a social media sharing tool that amplifies your site’s reach. It functions as a community moderation tool that helps you manage multiple social media profiles. This helps solidify your site’s social media campaign.

Top Features

  • Analysis Tools – It shows the people who engaged with your social media content. You’ll know how many shares, likes, and comments they made.
  • Management Dashboard – This is a quick access communication tool that helps you interact with your followers and influencers. You can follow them, respond to their comments, and message them in one place.
  • Engagement Platform – It handles your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts in one dashboard. This also allows you to manage multiple accounts on each social media platform.


This is a functional tool that analyzes, schedules, and interacts with your social media followers. It boosts your conversion rate and strengthens your social media campaign.


It doesn’t support Pinterest and YouTube. You’ll miss out on the potential followers and influencers you can get from these other platforms.


There’s no doubt you’ll reap higher profits when you build your niche site using the tools mentioned above. Not only will these drive in higher conversions, but will also improve your site’s PR. With the many tools we have now, there’s no reason why we can’t cash in on web monetization now.

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