5 Offbeat Mobile Apps All Entrepreneurs Need to Download Now


Sneak a peek at your average entrepreneur’s smartphone and you’ll probably find plenty of apps popular with small business owners. It’s a safe bet they’ve got Evernote handy for organizing their thoughts, Square for making payments, Mint for tracking finances and spending, and QuickBooks to cover accounting.

Every app is designed to better help run their business seamlessly and as such, these entrepreneurs probably couldn’t live without that extra bit of virtual assistance.

As we wind up the year, let’s take a closer look at apps on smartphones and tablets belonging to entrepreneurs. Are there any niche ones that small business owners should download next? The answer, of course, is yes—and the sheer amount of business apps is always ever-growing. Luckily, we’re here to whittle that list down from the hundreds to five unusual ones that do a little bit of everything from saving your passwords to analyzing your KPIs with just a tap of the button.

1. Fathom

So, how does your small business measure its success again? With Fathom, the ability to create management reports on the go that tap into a variety of KPIs for your business has never been easier. The tool works to take your existing data and transform it into intelligence that you can understand and learn, from covering everything about the performance of your business to opportune areas for improvement.

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2. Asana

“Move work forward” are the first three words on Asana’s website; the Asana app specializes in project management. If you work alongside a team of employees or even just a handful, Asana allows you to create and track assignments together. Notifications within the app also give you the ability to see what team members are doing to ensure overall collaboration.

3. TripIt

The mission for TripIt is you (the entrepreneur) handle the booking for all business travel and it (the app) takes care of the rest. All of the rest includes forwarding confirmation emails, creating a master itinerary for your plans, and the ability to access said plans from anywhere, all in one place. With regular and pro plans available, it has something for every entrepreneur on the go!

4. LastPass

From banking to social media, who among us can really remember every password they’ve created for all of their online accounts? What about the strength of said passwords? If you’re ready to hand off this responsibility to a trusted party, look no further than LastPass. This app manages your passwords to simplify the process of logging in, safely and securely storing your digital records, and assisting in generating stronger passwords for your personal and professional life alike to protect you against hackers.

5. Headspace

Headspace is a meditation app. Loaded with hundreds of themed sessions, it allows entrepreneurs to meditate whenever and wherever is most convenient for them. All it requires of you is a commitment of 10 minutes a day spent on mindfulness. Not a bad trade-off if you think about how meditation allows you decompress, gain perspective, and set your mind up for success each day!

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