5 Reasons Why CGI Should Be in Your Marketing Plan

5 Reasons Why CGI Should Be in Your Marketing Plan

Visitors to your website will take just 0.5 seconds to decide whether it’s of interest to them. And a great image can make the difference between them staying and going. An image that catches the eye, and spurs the imagination can hold a viewer for up to 5.94 seconds. Images are not just decoration, they’re critical to the ability of businesses to sell their products.

So what do you do if you don’t have the imagery you need? What if the property you’re selling is currently under construction, or your innovative new product is still in R&D? Clients can have a hard time translating blueprints, or architectural plans into a three-dimensional image. Which is why CGI can prove invaluable in your marketing strategy, whatever your business.

5 Ways CGI Can Help You to Sell

If you need to sell the future to your clients, computer generated imagery makes your life a whole lot easier. In place of architectural sketches, or artist’s impressions, 3D rendering software reads blueprints and turns them into 3 dimensional, HD imagery. A ‘masking’ process then creates the texture, finish and perspective that persuades the human eye that what it’s looking at is ‘real’.

1. A Range of Applications

Working with CGI and 3D architectural rendering opens up a whole range of possibilities for marketing to clients. At it’s most basic it offers high quality imagery characterised by exquisite detail. For property marketers, or interior designers, there’s also the option to offer clients a ‘walk through’, or ‘fly through’ of the environment they’re viewing.

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2. Demonstrating How Things Work

Got a product that needs to be demonstrated to clients? Now you can forgo the film crew, the actors, and the costly shooting schedule. CGI is perfect for showing how things work. A process animation requires only a simple script, and basic visuals to turn a lengthy verbal description into a 20 second animation which shows rather than tells.

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3. Making Ideas Real

Ideas are the fuel of innovation. The problem is that ideas germinate inside heads and every head sees it differently. CGI is a great tool for planning and researching ideas. An initial proposition can be presented to stakeholders, or funders, as a 3D image. Any adjustments can be discussed in relation to what everyone is seeing, and can be simply applied to evolve the idea in front of you.

4. CGI Tells Your Story

CGI imagery gives brands the potential to tell their story clearly and effectively for clients, investors and potential stakeholders. The imagery, animations and fly through can be used on a range of platforms, reaching huge audiences. Whether you need imagery for a print brochure, animation for a presentation, or a fly through for your website, it’s an adaptable, creative and cost-effective tool.

5. Imagery That Captivates

CGI has the potential to captivate your client base. Its translation of plans into a textured reality gives your products the opportunity to achieve maximum impact. Any new technology gives us a new way of seeing the world, and CGI does just that. Over 100 years ago, photography allowed us to capture the world as it is. CGI allows us to create the world as it might be.

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