5 Small Business Marketing Tips You Wouldn’t Think About

5 Small Business Marketing Tips You Wouldn’t Think About

5 Small Business Marketing Tips You Wouldn’t Think About

As a small start-up business, you know the challenges of getting your name out in public. Especially if you compete with large corporations, trying to find a marketing strategy that works for you can be difficult.

There may not be a set of rules that will allow you to crush the marketing world. However, there are a few pointers that are beneficial, some more obvious than others.

If you need some marketing tips to get your start-up going, we have five ideas you wouldn’t necessarily think of.

Always Update Your Marketing Data

Everything is constantly changing. The customers you’re targeting, how you run your business, how people shop, and what you need to do to get their attention. That means you should always be updating your marketing data.

If you neglect to update your marketing strategy regularly, you’ll end up making plans that is off of inaccurate data. Taking the time to regularly go through your marketing plan and see how it’s done in the past month, then make the needed adjustments, will help you stay on top of everything, and achieve great results.

Market Your Blog

If you don’t have a blog for your company, you should seriously consider starting one up. Blogs are an excellent way to focus on a topic that is relative to your business and dives deeper into the subject.

Take Fusion Medical Staffing as an example of marketing a blog. They have posts that are helpful with their industry, medicine, traveling, and the two of them combined. Having those blog posts allows them to reach out to a broader audience, and it gives them a visual to share on Facebook and Instagram (even Pinterest).

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Get Into Email Marketing

Did anyone ever doubt how powerful email would be and that it will likely never die out? Not when studies find that 86% of consumers prefer communicating through email for business purposes. Similar to the blog marketing, emails allow you to put in more detailed information and tailor the email to an individual, or a general audience.

The tricky part with email marketing is getting the recipient to open it. You could have the most influential and engaging content inside the email, but if no one opens it, then nothing will come from it. Having a recognizable sender address, upbeat subject line, and a call to action will help with getting clicks on your email.

Embrace Visuals over Text

People prefer to watch a video about something than read about it. Videos allow them to multitask if needed, and it can be easier to get the point across through visuals. When someone watches a video, it allows the audience to connect with the content on a whole new level. Sometimes, words just cannot achieve that.

Look at Automotive Marketing Options

If you find that your marketing strategy is failing because you can’t keep up with the demand, it’s time to invest in an automotive marketing option. Although it usually requires you to pay for the services, you plan out your marketing plan for the entire month, and that’s it.

That isn’t to say you forget about what you’ve planned. You’ll still want to check in to ensure it’s working correctly and is effective. However, these marketing options can make your life a bit easier.

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Although marketing can get stressful, enjoy the process. You get to be creative and explore different options that you wouldn’t otherwise get to do.

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