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There’s no doubt that Facebook is a great platform for marketing your business. In fact, more than 5 million businesses are advertising on Facebook. But you can’t just jump into Facebook advertising without a plan and you don’t want to throw a bunch of money into paid ads that don’t drive any sales to your website.

So how can you make sure your Facebook marketing efforts get the highest ROI, or return on investment? With just a bit of extra preparation, instead of testing your luck, you’ll be able to practically guarantee that your ads will make an impact on Facebook users.

Ready for your Facebook campaigns to give you more bang for your buck? Check out these five tips to increase your Facebook marketing ROI.

1. Target the right audience.

If you’re creating one broad Facebook ad campaign and expecting to reach each member of your target audience, it’s not going to work. Your customers all have different needs and are also at different stages in the buyer’s journey, so you should be creating ads for each target audience you’re trying to reach.

For instance, take a look at the example below. In the first ad, AdEspresso is targeting agencies and in the second ad they’re targeting startups. Since each of these audiences have different needs, they’ve created messages that will speak to each of them uniquely.

image1 8

Ads Specific to Each Audience.

So, when creating your Facebook ad campaign think about who you’re trying to sell to. Are you targeting your existing customers? Are you targeting consumers who have never visited your site before? Are you targeting moms? Or are you targeting college students? Whoever your audience is, you’ll get a better ROI if your ads are highly-specific to their needs.

2. Leverage different ad types.

While a typical Facebook image ad is effective, you might be missing out on a number of dynamic Facebook ads that could drastically improve your ROI. Choosing the perfect ad type, depending on your business and what you want to accomplish with your Facebook marketing, can really increase click-throughs and drive more sales.


Carousel Facebook Ad.

Some of the most effective and engaging Facebook ad formats include:

Dynamic ads – With dynamic ads you can upload your product catalogue and Facebook will continuously find the right people to promote your products to, including automatically promoting products to users who have already expressed interest on your website or in your app.

Collection ads – If you have four or more different products you want to sell, the collection ad is the perfect way for users to browse your catalogue without ever leaving the Facebook app.

Carousel ads – Similar to Collection ads, with a Carousel ad you can showcase up to ten images or videos in a single ad, each with its own link. These interactive ads have more space for you to tell a story, explain a process, show different product angles, etc.

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3. Send users to a designated landing page.

When a user clicks on your Facebook ad, instead of sending them to your website’s homepage or your Facebook business page, you should send them to a dedicated landing page. Your home page is too distracting for users; there’s so many places for them to click that you run the risk of them abandoning your site before reaching your sale or your product page. But with a specific landing page for your Facebook ad campaign, it will be easier for users to take your desired action.

So, if with one Facebook ad campaign your goal is to grow your email list, create a landing page that only showcases your email list optin. If you want to sell a certain product, create a landing page that highlights that product alone and includes a call-to-action with no other distractions. You can use a tool to easily create stunning designated landing pages that will turn Facebook users into loyal customers.

4. Take advantage of retargeting.

Most users who visit your site leave without making a purchase. In fact, 92 percent of first-time website visitors do not intend to make a purchase. So, when a user leaves your site, you may have lost them forever. But if you take advantage of Facebook retargeting, you can actually find those users who left you and get them back.

Facebook retargeting is a cookie that you add to your website that has the ability to track when a user leaves your site, follow them to Facebook and other places on the web and show them targeted ads that convince them to return to your site and buy. By recovering abandoning visitors with retargeting, you can get a big boost in your ROI.

5. Improve your images and headlines.

Ditch your dull photos and drab headlines. In the crowded Facebook feed that’s full of eye-catching, entertaining photos and videos, you need to ensure that your Facebook ad will grab the attention of users. People are visual creatures, so using high-quality images with bright colors is a surefire way to get more out of your Facebook marketing.

image3 5

Blue Apron Ad.

Your headline is also equally as important as your visuals, so make sure your copy is clear and to-the-point. Like in the Blue Apron example above, not only are they using beautiful images, their copy highlights a big discount for users and showcases how fun and easy their service is to use. You can also add emojis to your copy for even better results. According to studies, on Facebook using emojis results in 57 percent more likes, 33 percent more comments and 33 percent more shares. And more engagement with your posts can result in more sales for your business.

With these simple tips to increase your Facebook marketing ROI, you’ll no longer have to worry about wasting your precious marketing dollars on campaigns that don’t connect with users or convince them to buy. Rather, you’ll be creating Facebook ad campaigns that will make users excited about your business and eager to become your next customer.

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