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Content marketing is not only a way to gather visitors for your website but also helps develop your company’s brand voice. Wondering why?

Apart from publishing regular blog posts and creating highly readable content, each content on your website must also be able to highlight its personality. This personality or character trait of your company which is visible through the content is called brand voice. 

The brand voice of a company is also featured through the style of your content, slogan, advertisements of the firm and more. Although a lot of people assume that brand voice is a side-line,but it plays a crucial role in defining the character of your brand. Thus, it could also be said to make or break the brand reputation away. 

So, what should you expect to encounter in this article?

Well, nothing too much but some proven content marketing tactics to help you develop your brand voice through content marketing. So are you ready? 

Since we are about to talk about developing your brand voice through content marketing it is first important to know what brand voice means. 

What is brand voice?

Every brand needs a certain reputation building for its growth and advancement. And how does that happen in the process of painting a portrait of your brand for your audience.

If you want to market your content to bring in more clients, you’ve got to highlight your brand name for them. Otherwise, no newbie can understand that the content they are reading belongs to you, EXCLUSIVELY. 

But how does this bounce back to brand voice – in your presentation! The little personal touch that says ‘this is me’ will let out the message for you – for instance, your brand logo, or your brand slogan in the corner of each of your social media posts. 

In synopsis, the company’s brand voice is anything that defines its character to the audience and connects them to your firm.

While there are several measures that you can adopt to develop your brand voice, one of the most potent means would be by content marketing. Let’s tell you how?

5 ways to develop your brand voice through content marketing 

Now when you are crystal clear about what is a brand voice, let us now dive into how it can be guided by content marketing.

Focus on the style 

Before you choose to market your content, it is important to decide the style of your content. The style of your content will distinguish you from the others, ultimately establishing a place of your own – for instance, if you are a crafter, you could just add a sneak-peak with if each of your posts explaining the process. 

It is determined by the tone and vocabulary which is used to create the content. Your content can be formal, informal, stylish or informational depending on your type of readers. So before anything, you MUST have detailed knowledge about your readers, prospects and existing customers.

Watch out for the tone

A lot of people assume that both tone and style are the same elements of brand voice. But no, that’s not the truth. Although tone falls under style, they are distinctively varied. 

The language that is used to convey content is called its tone. It also helps to explain whether the brand is trying to interact with its audience in a friendly manner, formal or fancy order. 

Again, the tone of your content must match with the tone of your brand or at least provide its core values aesthetically. Similarly, if your brand is related to something humorous, you could opt for interacting with your audience by using entertaining sentences that will bring them closer to your brand. 

Example of tone: The Moz Blog 

This one is the best marketing blog that has a unique style of content with the right flavor of tones to deliver the message straight to your head. The compatibility of its content with that of the brand makes it reader-friendly, the reason why it has developed a voice of its own. 

The Moz blog also contains a very descriptive set of blogs with high information to capture the attention of the readers at once. Here’s one example. 

example of Moz blog post


Who is your ideal reader?

If you want to target a particular set of readers, how will you do that? The answer is simple- by creating content that they love to read. 

If you have a brand that sells lingerie, you could opt for sexy and confident models who wear sensuous lingerie to showcase the beautiful collection you own. Your targeted audience (ladies) who are looking out for comfort and confidence will feel encouraged by such a flyer. As a result, your brand voice is reaching out to its ideal readers at once. 

Example of the ideal reader: 

This website which focuses on men’s grooming and lifestyle has created a sexy ecosystem for its ideal readers. As a result, readers who take a keen interest in this kind of website are drawn to the content at once. 

Their website is very well known all across the globe and attracts the readers due to its personalized content apart from the huge fan following that Axe already boasts.   

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AXE Blog example

Ace with content strategy

Amidst all the other elements to enhance and develop a brand voice, a content strategy that generates results must be at the top of your list. This determines the structure of your content and how it will level up in the eyes of your audience. 

While deciding on the content strategy one must adhere to the brand’s values and objectives to create content accordingly. 

For instance: if your brand talks about lifestyle, tips, and hacks on how to deal with stress, you might want to provide them a vivid description by adding a range of topics for them that deal with the same, remedial posts to make their lives stress-free and many other things.  

Example of content strategy: LifeHacker 

Lifehacker is a brilliant example of what we just discussed above. It is doing incredible business in the market with a large audience. This amazing blog which is also great at SEO is leading due to its strong brand voice which comes with its incredible set of content strategies. 

They provide a massive range of topics that differ from acing in the networking to how to make delicious pumpkin pie. 

lifehacker content strategy

Mark the uniqueness

There is something about each blog that make their brand voice so successful. What is it? – Eccentricity or one factor that is ONLY you.  

Every brand must be able to carefully weave its unique character with the help of innovative concepts and strategies that make it stand out amidst all the others. This is one of the best ways to develop a brand voice as it helps you stand tall amidst all the others, identifiable from afar. 

Whether it is the tone you use or the style you implement, everything you do should be something people have never seen before. Don’t forget the power of social media in the process. Create a consistency of your unique brand style and voice over your social media platform. Design social media graphics that reflect your brand voice. When all of this comes together, your brand can create its own sense of uniqueness. 

Example of uniqueness: The Verge

For all those readers who take a keen interest in knowing how technology will change the future, The Verge is the blog to go to.  

With its unique concept and ideas to help audiences get in touch with the future, this blog is doing massively well. The style of the blog, the tone, and everything else is just how it should be. 

Why is content marketing a potential means to develop brand voice?

When planning to have a brand voice, that inconsistency will certainly not fetch you any points. It does not build up overnight. Thus, it demands systematic development which is only possible when you remain consistent and patient. 

Since content marketing aligns with the same two points, it works wonders to create your desired brand voice. You cannot expect to have a bunch of readers flocks around you unless your content isn’t convincing or relatable. This connection of consistency brings both content marketing and brand voice in close proximity, both of which can’t survive without the other. 

Master Tip: Utilize all forms of visual content

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‘Eyes can do what words can’t’ – certainly, yes. Of late, visual content has been digging stats like never before. And if you don’t employ this hottest trend, your competitors will and walk past you. 

Here’s, the maestro of content marketing and technology, Infosys, who has literally every piece of visual content marketing puzzle – from social media posts, videos, infographics to everything else that possible – in just the right place!

infosys worldwide cloud adoption trends


The final cry! 

Your brand voice can be successfully developed through content marketing if only you are aware of the strategies and the recent content marketing trends. With these elements in mind, you must focus on creating the type of content that gathers a large audience who know your brand just by the look of it. 

The brand voice needs to have a clear set of elements to distinguish itself from all others. There are many ways with the help of which your brand voice can stand out amidst others and be the talk of the town. 

Use these techniques with your personalized touch and I am sure in some time, you will be able to establish a voice that talks authority and credibility.

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